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Great moments in police gun-handling

Seen at PDB’s who notes: at least she’s observing Rule 3.

And my personal favorite, Mr. Big Arms with his Aimpoint weapon sight mounted backwards:

Update: For you non-gun-nut readers, in the first pic, the magazine is in backwards.

Update 2: Also, put your elbows down and put your nose just behind the charging handle. And, though it’s just my preference, in the standing position I prefer to use the magazine-well for support instead of forearm. I can tuck it into my shoulder that way.

11 Responses to “Great moments in police gun-handling”

  1. Les Jones Says:

    I also like the one where the cop is resting his butt on the muzzle of his shotgun.

  2. Fox Says:

    How did she even manage to wedge that magazine into the gun? Must have taken some serious effort. “It doesn’t fit!” “Force it!” Sounds like a cop to me.

  3. Bruce Says:


  4. BobG Says:

    “How did she even manage to wedge that magazine into the gun? ”

    Maybe she hammered it in with her night stick…
    What did they do, get some models to dress up like police and pose with firearms?

  5. Captain Holly Says:

    The problem with cops and guns is that some cops believe that because they put on a badge and can openly carry a gun they’re somehow smarter and safer than everyone else when it comes to guns. I’ve seen the attitude first hand, even here in gun-happy Utah. I can imagine how arrogant they would be in anti-gun places like Noo Yawk, where most people don’t have a clue about guns (see above picture).

    There was a cop in my old neighborhood who seemed to be a cool guy, so one time I suggested we go shooting sometime. His attitude was so condescending that I was immediately turned off and never went with him. Basically, he was like “sure, I’ll show you how to shoot a gun”. I later discovered that I knew more about Utah gun laws than he did.

    OTOH, I have had an encounter with a female cop who was pretty cool about things. I got pulled over late one night and my pistol was in my glove compartment. I kept my hands on the steering wheel and told her about it, and she started asking me what kind it was and if I liked it. Even though I was going about 20+ mph over the speed limit, she ended up letting me go without even a written warning.

  6. ben Says:

    That pic has been discussed on THR a fair bit. I think the consensus is that we like to argue about the merits of the chicken wing, but that she’s probably got two mags taped together and the graininess of the photo obscures this. That mag is waaay to long otherwise, and you can make out where the ribs don’t match up about a quarter of the way down from the top bottom of the mag well.

    Reminds me of the first time my wife shot an AR. Mega chicken wing. Heh.

  7. Rustmeister Says:

    Could be.

    Odd way to tape the mags together, though. I usually tape them with the curve in the same direction

  8. Guy Montag Says:

    Didn’t Uncle have a post about making mag stick-together-thingies out of inner tubes?

    BTW, my favorite photo of chicks dressed like cops was a poster in a bar had the caption “Assume the Position”.

  9. Ron w Says:

    There is one of’em…an “assault weapon on the street”!!! Isn’t that what the gun-grabbers SAY they are afraid of?

    And that one is a probably real (full-auto) “assault weapon”. Oh yes, we need these helmeted, bullet-proof vested, machinegun-carrying, militarized police on our streets, but no, the President said we aren’t going to “militarize” or border. I guess it’s better to shoot’em after they’re here among us, rather than not letting them in, huh? Or are we ALL terror suspects??!!

  10. SayUncle » Media admits police get powerful guns too Says:

    […] Now, here’s the deal: Despite my yammering on about the police and their militarization, I don’t have any issue at all with a street cop carrying a regular capacity, semi-auto pistol. I also don’t have a problem with the police carrying semi-automatic rifles or shotguns in their cars. In fact, they should have them. If something goes down, they need to be able to deal with it in the most effective way possible. Period. My problem is when they cowboy up, put on their ninja outfits, and bust through some 92 year-old lady’s door and shoot her dead over an ounce of weed based on the likely paid for testimony of a crackhead informant (who later said they were asked to lie). Or when they kill a 23 year-old kid because he has an ounce of weed and a handgun carry permit. And my problem is when they put on their ninja outfits and stand guard on the streets. […]

  11. SayUncle » Gear heads Says:

    […] think instead of armored vehicles and expensive optics that they put on wrong, a little training would go much […]

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