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Dear Republicans part 2

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, mention abortion again. It will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, be illegal in this country. And when you guys say something fucking stupid about it, you lose votes.

36 Responses to “Dear Republicans part 2”

  1. Jake Says:

    And when you guys say something fucking stupid about it, you lose votes.

    Fixed it for you. You’d think they would learn eventually that anything that might prompt them to talk about abortion – even fleetingly – is nothing but a trap.

    Then again, I guess they’re known as “the stupid party” for a pretty good reason.

  2. Matthew Walker Says:

    They can’t learn. It’s like tourette’s.

  3. tkdkerry Says:

    That’s half the equation. They also need to shut the fuck up about gay cooties.

  4. kg2v Says:

    I agree with you on this, but it doesn’t matter. The Republic is fucked. I give up. I do a shitload of volunteer work, and I bust my ass, and make donations and the like. No more, let those places get everything from the Government, from whom all good things flow. Fuckem

  5. Guav Says:

    Should probably stop talking about rape too.

  6. rickn8or Says:

    That’s WHY they’re referred to as “The Stupid Party”; they keep sticking their faces in the bear trap on abortion questions.
    Also prayer in schools.
    Likewise gay marriage.

    Where’s the Tylenol?

  7. JoeC Says:

    I think they are done, full stop. No chance to win over anyone raised in this education system.

  8. Eseell Says:

    They lost this election with their moralizing bullshit. If they had stuck to economic issues then they would have had a fighting chance. I don’t expect the Republican Party to actually learn that lesson, though.

  9. UTLaw Says:

    I think the Free shit vote trumps the pro-abortion vote in everything except those two Senate races.

    As for the abortion issue, I think that Libertarians would do better (in a moral sense) to rethink their position.

    We demand that people have full liberty to do anything they want until what they do harms another human being. At some point, that fetus becomes a human being, and logic should require that we err on the side of caution in respecting the rights of that life just as we do when we demand due process to the point that a murderer might get off if the case can’t be proved against him.

    I’m willing to argue over where we draw the line–Gary Johnson was not where I’d have liked him, but he was far better than Obama and the Democrats.

    Would a more pro-life stance, even like Gary’s, mean we’d lose…probably. After all, we (as a nation) don’t respect the right to life after birth either, as long as the target is a druggie, drug dealer, “terrist,” etc.

    At this time, the point is probably moot. Batten down the hatches–Obama feels he has a mandate to support his Executive power grabs. As Kevin likes to say: “Rough History coming.”

  10. Cargosquid Says:

    I’ve decided to drop my principles and advocate for more abortion. Republicans and other pro-lifer should also drop it. Promote it. Lets have EVERY freaking statist have one.

    And then…we’ll educate the next generation of our people.

  11. ern Says:

    I’ve basically given up on the GOP at this point. No more going along to get along. I’m a live-and-let-live guy when it comes to social policy. I may not like what other people choose to do with their lives, but then it’s none of my business–and not government’s either. I’ve gone along with the GOP (and their crappy candidates) with the hope that I’d get *something* out of it. But they keep picking candidates that are just out of touch on these things.

    No more. If you don’t field a reasonable candidate, I’ll go elsewhere. My only hope is that gay marriage will make the rounds well enough in the next few years that it will be over as an issue by the next election. I think that’s even likely. Focus on the stuff that matters, and let the rest go. I have doubts the GOP can do that. That leaves me precisely nowhere electorally. Wonderful.

  12. spud Says:

    If the Dems were ever to embrace the 2nd, the R’s would never see office again.

  13. Bill Twist Says:

    Quite true, spud.

  14. Brice Says:

    My big problem with Romney was to much social and not enough small government. I know where I stand on abortion, Religion, and morals. It’s none of your business. GTFO of it. Talk to me about spending less money and leaving me alone to live my life. I’ll vote for that.

    Thank God I had a libertarian on my local ticket to vote for.

  15. Mike Says:

    The abortion question was decided decades ago. Maybe the next candidate will understand that.

  16. Cargosquid Says:

    Apparently it WASN’T the abortion question.

    Republicans did not vote. For whatever reason, 10 million Republicans did not vote. The turn out was much, much lower than expected.

    And thus, through apathy, a once great nation slides into decay….

  17. Mu Says:

    Romney carried both Indiana and Missouri with 54%. The two loonies got 40 and 44% respectively. So 20% of R voters were turned off enough by their local candidate to vote against them.
    If only 2% were turned off by it in Ohio and other close states, that was enough to turn the election.

  18. Stuart the Viking Says:


    I disagree. Those 10 million Republicans DID vote… they voted NO. If the Republicans want to win, they need a candidate that can UNITE the party. Romney wasn’t that uniting candidate. As fractured as the party is, and as tone-deaf as the party leadership is, I don’t think that’s going to happen for a long time.

    On the other side of the coin. The Republicans still have control of the house. Therefore, we can expect that they will go back to stalling as usual so very little is going to change.


  19. SteveA Says:

    Anyone that voted for a 3rd party candidate or didnt vote is an asshole. Defeat the idiot first, than argue.

  20. rickn8or Says:

    Stuart and Cargosquid, do you think those 10 million missing Republicans could have been the Tea Partiers that the RNC took a dump on at the convention?

  21. Scott Says:

    I will stand and speak for life until my dying breath.

    My vote of course made no difference, as Romney carried Tennessee handily. I voted for the only constitutional Christian conservative on the ballot, as did 20 other a$$holeS in my county.

    I am done with republirats and democans. Also with SayUncle – bookmark removed.

  22. chris Says:

    The GOP lost because it ran a garbage candidate with no core values.

    The only remotely courageous thing that Congress has done with respect to the national debt (we borrow $150 per man, woman and child per day to keep the lights on in this country) is passing the Ryan budget plan.

    But guess who opposed it?

    That’s right, Mitt Romney.

    One did not need to be prescient to see that yet another 3rd rate Presidential candidate would soon join the pantheon of other GOP roadkill (GHWB in 1992, Bob Dole and John McCain).

    But that is what happens when the Karl Rove faction of the GOP runs elections and its candidates.

    The Rockefeller Republicans got dusted in 2006 and in 2008, and now in 2012.

    When the Tea Party emerged in 2010 and stood for economic and other freedoms, it devestated the Dems.

    When the GOP runs a Dempster Dumpster candidate and gets trounced, it always looks to blame someone other than itself.

  23. Instinct Says:

    The question isn’t about abortion, it’s about the government giving a non-government agency money.

    Why should we be shelling out millions to Planned Parenthood, PBS, NPR or any of the others in the first place. Let them go get their own damn money to run on.

  24. gattsuru Says:

    Most Republicans don’t care whether abortion-as-a-whole will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, be illegal in this country again. Not because they’re just weathervaning, but because they’re not campaigning against abortion-as-a-whole and probably don’t really care about first-trimester abortion. There are folk that do, but they make up less than a fifth of the voting population, and they’re overwhelmingly stuck with a lesser-of-two-evils anyway.

    Things like third-trimester and even late-second trimester abortions poll tremendously poorly, as do mandating government funding for abortion. They’ve polled poorly for thirty years. And that’s what the overwhelming majority of politicians on the federal stage are actually talking about. If they can actually believe that, there’s quite a lot of space to talk without sounding like jackasses.

    And while jackasses like Akin didn’t help, that’s not where the election fell. My heavily Dem-leaning SO was pretty convinced that Paul Ryan would personally take a turkey baster around and ban abortions after were he elected, but that was the case before Akin spoke or even before the Republican primaries started. Even despite Akin and gay marriage, Independents broke for Republicans by >10%.

    The problem is that the Democratic GOTV machine was not much less effective than normal, and Republicans didn’t come out to vote at all.

    ((Gay marriage is a different matter; I doubt it would have hurt Romney to come out as pro-gay marriage, damning with faint praise as that is.))

  25. ohio shawn Says:

    Instinct either you are falling into the trap candidates do or you are a democrat troll looking to engage a repub who can’t help but answer. Discussing this issue during the election is nothing but bad. If the repubs could drop the whole social side of their platform they would get elected with much greater frequency. Don’t discuss rape, abortion, gays, or for that matter gay marriage and just talk economy, smaller government, and tax reform and you’re a shoe in. Don’t take the bait when the weather girl on CNN asks your thoughts on the red hot poker issues. Stay away from the fire and you won’t get burned. Once you are president then you can address any issues about how .gov money is budgeted.

  26. matt d Says:

    The republicans are screwed because the primary-election voters demand candidates that are unelectable in the general.

    I don’t see any way out of this.

  27. Bill Says:

    I seem to remember a very well thought out post along the lines of;

    “You aren’t voting your way out of this.”

    We need a complete reset of the small government, liberty minded people of this country, because there simply isn’t a party for them. It ain’t the Tea Party, but it sure ain’t the Republicrats either.

  28. Bill Says:

    Oh, and there is no way the libertarians have a chance of attracting anyone serious with their moonbatty stances on foreign policy issues.

    Need a new reset….oh yeah, I already said that.

  29. Cargosquid Says:

    You’re right. They voted NO which, in a two way race, is the same as voting for the other guy.

    It’s the party that’s supposed to find a candidate that people can unite behind? What is this, kindergarten? There is NEVER going to be that candidate. He was the candidate. He was the army we had.

    Either the VOTERS decide that winning is more important than sending a “message” or its not.
    If it was all those Tea Partiers….then I hope that they are happy. They won. The GOP got the message. That message was that the GOP has to move left to get even MORE independents and pro-choice people to make up for Republicans that won’t vote.

  30. Eseell Says:


    I originally wrote a much longer reply but it boils down to this: You’re right. Romney winning wasn’t important to me. At all. He failed to convince me that he was a better candidate than Obama. He scared the crap out of me to the same magnitude as Obama, but for different reasons. I voted for Johnson because I can’t vote for a bigot like Romney any more. I have LGBT family, friends, and exes. Their issues are as personal to me as gun issues, and I don’t think people like me are as small a minority as the Republican leadership thinks we are.

    Stop getting religion in my politics, and I might be able to vote for Republicans again.

  31. brewerbob Says:

    I voted for None of the Above. No candidate met my standards. There were local issues that got due attention. If you continue to vote for the same people and parties, you will get no change. As long as the republicans continue to concern themselves with what goes on in the bedroom of two consenting adults, they will not get my vote. They get nothing but contempt. Perverts!

  32. SPQR Says:

    Obama lost about 10 million votes from ’08 totals. Romney failed to meet McCain’s totals by about 3 million. 3 million McCain voters did not show up and so Obama squeeked by despite pissing off nearly one fifth of his voters.

    Unfortunately Obama’s harping on abortion (which wasn’t a campaign theme of Romney / Ryan at all) with the media’s help defined Romney Ryan as the prolife candidates when that wasn’t what they were campaigning on. It was Obama’s way to avoid talking about the economy and the rest of his failures.

    So all the advice to the GOP about not talking about abortion is ridiculous because Romney and Ryan didn’t.

  33. SPQR Says:

    The republicans are screwed because the primary-election voters demand candidates that are unelectable in the general.

    This really isn’t true. McCain and Romney were not on the right wing of the GOP at all. For two cycles now, the GOP has nominated the “most electable” of the primary candidates. The Democrats with the media’s help then falsely pretended that they were the most extreme right wing.

  34. SayUncle Says:

    So all the advice to the GOP about not talking about abortion is ridiculous because Romney and Ryan didnít.

    It wasn’t Romney and Ryan. It was mourdoch and the other guy whose name escapes me. Same party and played nicely into the bogus war on women narrative.

  35. SPQR Says:

    You are thinking Akin.

  36. Frank Says:

    When you have none of the black vote, none of the federal, state and municipal labor union vote, none of the welfare vote and very little of the latino vote, it’s probably not a good idea to piss off women voters. Abortion and contraception are women issues and not something the government should be dicking around with and until our republican friends figure this out they’re doomed and so are we.

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