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Obama wins

Moochers gonna mooch.

32 Responses to “Obama wins”

  1. ben Says:

    Now we know how the lefties felt in 2004. Sort of. We didn’t actually want Romney either.

  2. Guav Says:

    We weren’t terribly thrilled with Kerry either.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Been drankin’ since 10:30. This disappoints me. For all of us.

  4. Snowdog Says:

    I expected it sadly. So when do we get our little red books in the mail so that we can memorize Dear Leader’s words?

  5. Zenanskig Says:

    Sorry cant trust a Mormon with our guns.

  6. UTLaw Says:

    Obama wins.
    Republicans keep the House and can obstruct.
    Obama has already declared that he won’t let the House stand in his way.
    Dem’s keep a good hold on the Senate and will never convict in an Impeachment trial.

    All hail the god-King, lord of the Executive Order.

    This bodes poorly.

  7. Jerry Says:

    Romney was not my leader. He was the choice, of my party. I had to vote for him. I just heard the LEAD anchor of NBC news call a Republican candidate a flake. Bias, or not. I have NEVER heard that before. Not from Mr. Dan, even. Hmmmmm……

  8. rickn8or Says:

    Zenanskig, like John Moses Browning you mean??

  9. Jerry Says:

    Or, Mr. Walter. BTW.

  10. Jerry Says:

    As drunk as I plan to be, Praise be the great John Moses….. He was a SMART man.

  11. Mike G Says:

    I guess I can forget about trying to find primers and powder and any kind of loaded ammo for the next four years. On the other hand maybe I should buy some Ruger or S&W stock tomorrow.

  12. Nevyan Says:

    Here’s what needs to happen starting TOMORROW:

    Identify all and any business that supported Obama’s campaign, any person renting out their home who voted for Obama and any person who is making improvements to their home/land who voted for Obama.

    Find EVERY SINGLE VIOLATION of LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL regulations or laws that these people have and start calling them in to the proper authorities.

    You own a nice mom and pop business and like Obama? Bam!! Americans With Disabilities Act Violations left and right.

    Oh you’re thinking of making modification to your home or land? Whoa! Environmental Protection Agency impact statements, permits and fines.

    Decided to rent out that house and move to a newer one? Better make sure you comply with all lead paint awareness regulations and fair renting practices.

    Health code violations in your restaurant? Real shame buddy well don’t worry it won’t cost to much to fix those up.

    What do you mean you did not know about all those WONDERFUL Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for worker safety? Breaks my heart… but hey the laws the LAW.

    Let these people feel the regulatory crunch on their businesses, properties and homes. Let them feel what good ol’ fashioned BIG Government can do for them! Starting Monday morning I’m going to about half a dozen businesses who supported Obama and just start taking notes and then I’m making phone calls and filing complaints.

    That’s the CHICAGO way!

  13. Marc S Says:

    Voting for “revenge” wins.

  14. ErnstBlofeld Says:

    This is what you get when you have a candidate that agrees with Ted Kennedy for 45 mins when Mitt ran for the MA Senate.

    P.S. I didn’t vote for the gun banner because my state went for Romney anyway and I definitely didn’t vote for Obama.

  15. johnnyreb™ Says:

    OK … where’s my free sh*t?!?!

  16. Jerry Says:

    I would say, turn bolt in .223. CZ seems to have my attention.

  17. JKB Says:

    It was free stuff vs free enterprise

    And you know, that enterprise sounds like a lot of work

  18. UTLaw Says:

    @ Nevyan

    As tempting as it is to wage lawfare against these people, it’s not worth selling your soul and validating them. Do that, and you have no moral right to complain when they use these tactics vs you.

    Better tactic is to keep slogging on and wait to see what they do. I have a feeling that they feel they have “flexibility” now and will probably start crossing lines in the coming weeks and months.

    Want to boycott them? Go for it. But don’t further corrupt the legal system–it’s already become so corrupt that it’s barely worth a damn.

  19. Diomed Says:

    No more chance of a soft landing now, or even a controlled crash – not that there was much of a chance to begin with.

    It’s throttles-to-the-firewall, straight into the ground for the good ‘ship Murica!

  20. Thomas F Says:

    My every prayer is gonna be for the health of the 5 “conservative” judges of SCotUS….. every prayer….

  21. Nevyan Says:


    All I’m doing is the public good and ensuring that our laws are adhered to. It’s our duty to ensure that public safety is maintained and law breakers are not allowed to flaunt their crimes.

    This is what they wanted… Big Government.

    So let them have all the Big Government they can afford.

    Fair play if you ask me.

  22. DAD Says:

    I am going to find me a homeless man and marry him and then adopt an illegal and send him to college on the taxpayers dime. Then I am going to move to Colorado and buy some pot and put on my bell bottoms and put a flower in my hair and talk about the MAN. The same one that made my weed legal. Then I will get my food stamps and my Obama phone and then I can set back and chill. So far this has cost me nothing and I will be on the govt. tit like the rest of the parasites. I think I will also start smuggling BIG GULPS into New York, for a little extra cash. I am at the age I won’t feel the full effects of what is about to happen but everyone under fifty will……..Good luck. I told many people that the American people were not stupid enough to put this guy back in office, Boy was I wrong. This was the American’s choice now live with it. As for the Gary Johnson supporters, I don’t want to hear a peep about what is going to happen.

  23. Rivrdog Says:


    Until and unless the average gimme-gimme shmo is made to realize the cost of big government and the sloth it fosters, nothing changes for the better. The gimme-gimmes require a 2X4 upside their heads for the message to take with them. Nevyan’s idea is, at least, Constitutional.

    I’d go a step farther: quit conserving. Use more electricity, water and garbage space. Do it until the greenie-weenies can no longer claim that they are saving the planet with conservation. Yes, we’ll pay more, but the important thing is that everyone then sees that agenda as a failure.

  24. Hippies Suck Says:

    The MOF, Margin of Fraud, was too great. Obama won by two points. Romney needed at least three points to clear the MOF. It didn’t help that Romney was a weak opponent. Immigration and the 47% blunder sunk him. Romney, the dumbass, could have picked Rubio for VP. Romeny lost 70% of the Latino vote. Milk toast Paul Ryan didn’t even pull his home state.

    What next? Biden or Hillary? How worse can it get?

  25. Michael Curtis Says:

    I have grown tired of this mess, for the last 12 years I have watched while idiots elect other idiots.

    Finally after 16 years (it started with Clinton) of this nation doing one stupid move after another, the political class using my tax money to purchase the votes of the stupid, and at the same time pandering to countries that provide us with the rope to hang ourselves with, those jokers are on thier own.

    No more charity, no more excuses, I’m collecting my rent checks and watching thier asses burn in the fire that they have made. I am going to be that heartless asshole that for the last few years I have been accused of being. And if that means putting some liberal kid on the streets … so be it

    I have said that this shit is going to hit the fan, once in 2000 when Clinton signed the FSMA and CSMA, again in 2004 when people were getting stupid house loans, and again in 2008 when the “only remedy” turned into a bigger problem.

    Now these same idiots look at incredible debt, a debt cliff that will crush our future, California is raising even more taxes; ensuring their own demises, and Odumba that has decided that class warfare is the best way to pay for his stupidity.

    Just like the terrible decisions of 2008, your looking at yet another downturn in the market. OH but your certain that the stock market is going up. Gold is as 1750 from 800 less than 4 years ago


    That is not a market that is recovering, that’s a market that is repricing the asset value of the stock against …. gold

    Now many of them will say “Its getting better” ok great, you ride that horse. As long as you pay your rent I don’t give a shit what you think. But if they find themselves on the street and see me walking by, don’t even think about asking for change.

    He voted for his already.

  26. Barry L Plotz Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I’d also add that once we’ve exercised those muscles the next step is to file complaints, particularly with the EPA, on those very blue “smurf cities” that are now the big point sources of pollution. Time for them to live in their own muck in more than one way.

  27. SteveA Says:

    Just wait until next year when all the employers go to 31hr work weeks to not have to provide insurance. When they start Bitching, smack them upside the head & tell them ” we told you to vote that bastard out”.

  28. Tam Says:

    So, this whole election thing was like watching a 30-minute prime time TV sitcom when I was a kid?

    After all the madcap hijinks and canned laughter, we wind up at status quo ante right before the credits roll and I have to go to bed?

  29. Jim Says:

    31 hour work weeks? They can if they want. But it is also cheaper to just cut the coverage. The fines that obamacare imposes (oh, right..the TAX) on companies will actually be LESS then the cost of providing the insurance… That’s the whole point, drive people into those exchanges and into the arms of gov’t control. Just another step toward single payer.

  30. Gerry Says:

    Control the mob and you control Rome.

    Some things never change

  31. SPQR Says:

    The haircutter at the local strip mall cutting my hair today explained to me why Romney “scared” her and she voted for Obama.

    The stupidity was too much to stand. Her description of Romney had absolutely nothing in common with the actual man.

  32. Geodkyt Says:

    Michael Curtis —

    16 years? Started under Clinton?

    More like 80 years, started under FDR. . .