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Hey, Republicans

I hope Romney loses by margin of libertarian.

20 Responses to “Hey, Republicans”

  1. countertop Says:


  2. bwm Says:

    Looks like they’ll lose Florida by a Johnson’s length

  3. johnnyreb™ Says:

    As Ohio stands at this moment, that’s exactly where it’s at …

  4. ASM826 Says:

    Now that would have been interesting. But Gary Johnson isn’t getting 1% and those are probably more Dems than Republicans. If he had pulled 4% or 10%, then the issues he was raising might have gotten some traction.

    Now we’re just screwed, headed for 20 Trillion Dollar debt and a nationalized health care system.

    Pretty much the same place we’d have been if Romney had won, but probably faster and with more fervor.

  5. Cargosquid Says:

    Yep, and here in Virginia, the Libertarians had help. Virgil Goode decided that the Constitution Party had a chance with him as the candidate.

    Between both candidates, they sucked enough votes from Romney to lose.

  6. MrHPlus Says:

    And… it’s happened. An election, very close, but a loss for the GOP. Maybe this is good, however, as it might mean that they’ll stop trying to illegalize all the drugs and all the abortion and all the gays. If that kind of reformation happens, Libertarians stand a chance to influence the party.

  7. mikee Says:

    I compare election night 2010 to last night, and what I see isn’t Libertarians making a difference, what I see lacking last night is a larger force – the Tea Party constitutional limited government & low taxes force – squandered by the Republican Party.

    Obama used abortion, lady parts, gay marriage, the press, anti-religious bigotry, government support for favored groups and most importantly divisiveness to win small, but win. He now has all the problems left him by the guy in office 2009-2012, and nobody else to blame, for the coming problems in this country. And overseas, will the next US Embassy to be assaulted come next Friday after prayers, or at Christmas, because he is doing nothing to stop it.

    Obama will govern by fiat, by division, by favoritism, by fecklessness, as he has so far. Carter in a second term could not possibly do as badly as this is going to turn out.

  8. Cargosquid Says:


    McCain got more votes that Romney. This loss was because the GOP stayed home.

  9. Speakertweaker Says:

    Obama did not lose by a margin of libertarian, yet we are still being vehemently blamed for it. Go figure.

  10. SteveA Says:

    Oblama got 58 million votes, Romney got 56 million and 3Rd party candidates sucked up 12 million. That would have made a difference :(.

  11. Wyowanderer Says:

    We never really had a choice. But it serves Romney for screwing Ron Paul at the convention.
    FWIW, I voted for a local presidential candidate.
    All our local races turned out well. Even the 1% tax for a new library failed.

  12. Crotalus Says:

    I will never, ever, ever, etc., vote in this country again. To hell with America. The Republic is dead.

  13. John Farrier Says:

    Libertarians: in four years, Republicans will ask you for–nay–demand your votes. When that day comes, remember what they are saying about you now.

  14. Cargosquid Says:

    And what was Ron Paul supposed to be doing that they screwed him? I missed that.

  15. Cargosquid Says:

    What ARE we saying about libertarians that is wrong or bad? Did the Libertarians vote for Johnson? Yes. Is there a chance in hell that the Libertarians will ever break 2%? Nope.

    And so…since fiscal Libertarians CAN siphon conservative votes and did so…. they help Obama win. Social Libertarians could have caused an Obama loss. They too would be saying it.

    So…Libertarians….vote for whomever. And accept the results.

    The problem, really wasn’t the Libertarians. There were MILLIONS of no-show GOP voters that know what the stakes were and didn’t vote for Romney. THOSE voters are supposed to support the candidate.

  16. John Farrier Says:

    What ARE we saying about libertarians that is wrong or bad?

    Stuff like what Michael is saying in this thread. I’m seeing a lot of it on Facebook, too.

    I agree with you: everyone, including libertarians, should vote like they want and accept the results.

  17. Speakertweaker Says:

    The problem, really wasn’t the Libertarians.

    Well, at least we can agree on that. The problem is simple. The GOP faced the most defeatable incumbent POTUS since Mr. Peanut. Last time around, they put up Reagan and an ass-stomping was the result. This time, they put up the biggest-government, Progressive-in-Republican-clothes they could find to run against 56 million hands, waiting to be filled. The GOP did this to themselves.

  18. blounttruth Says:

    What I find amusing is as the RNC and GOP worked to tell the Ron Paul supporters; that Fox had labeled “Libertarians”, that they had no voice in the party were in reality life long Republicans. In the swing states Romney lost by 40K votes where Ron Paul garnered 140K votes, it is simple math. The facts are simple, without the Romney loss we would have zero chance of effecting change, and though the RNC and GOP resorted to fraud, cheating, and violence against Ron Paul’s legally elected delegates from state to national conventions they paid the price, a price we will never let them forget.

  19. brewerbob Says:

    A butt-hurt republican disguised as a libertarian did not lose the election for the kleptocrat romney. The republican party betrayed it’s members. And millions of republicans did not vote. Grow up and face the fact that your candidate never had a chance. Nominate someone worth voting for. Stop trying to jam a social agenda down our throats while saying you’re for small government. No better than the taliban. And no, the progresso-facist left does not get a free pass. They are just as evil.

  20. SteveA Says:

    Come up with whatever excuses make you feel better libertarians, YOU helped Oblamam stay in office. That makes you just as much of a scumbag as an obamabot.


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