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For Buy a Gun Day, I snagged a new S&W M&P9C. Now, I’m a cool kid times two:

I’ve dropped in the Apex Reset Assist Mechanism and the Apex Hard Sear. So it now has an identical trigger to its bigger brother, seen here:

And one more comparison shot to show the size difference:

The M&P9C was, I thought, an odd size. It’s between the Glock 26 and 19. So, it’s got an additional two rounds over the 26. Of course, the 26 may have been bigger was it not made under the AWB. It’s currently riding in a Galco Tuck N Go holster:

It’s pretty handy having two guns with similar grip angles and where the full size magazines are compatible. I carry a spare 18 rounder with the compact. It sticks out a ways but works just fine. I’ve not yet equipped this one with a LaserGrip. I’m seriously considering waiting until the green version comes out.

15 Responses to “Desktop/Laptop”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    Very nice, and ‘identical’ grips/grip angles and shared mags is it’s a LOT easier to train with them…

  2. Jerry Says:

    My CZ just whimpered at me, I think you hurt it’s feelings. I’d better pet it.

  3. Paul Says:

    Glocks have been like that for DECADES. And yes, Glock 17 mags work in Glock 26s and so on.

  4. Laughingdog Says:

    My BAG day purchase is bigger. ūüėČ Your’s definitely wins on portability though.

  5. SGB Says:


  6. Jay G. Says:

    Heh. I had the same BAG Day purchase as Uncle. Of course, his is 2+ rounds more dangerous…

    Now I need to consult with my gunsmith and get some trigger work done…

  7. Tam Says:

    Really? I bought a Glock 19. Well, traded into one, actually.

  8. Tam Says:

    The M&P9C was, I thought, an odd size. Itís between the Glock 26 and 19. So, itís got an additional two rounds over the 26.

    The M&P sizing scheme is clever, with the full-size slotting between the 17 and the 19 and the Compact between the 19 and the 26.

  9. James Says:

    How does the Apex improve on the OEM trigger in the M&P9c? Or were you just making them “the same”?

    Also, got any info on the comparison between the M&P9c and the M&P Shield? Curious how they compare…

    Thanks, uncle.

  10. Weer'd Beard Says:

    The M&P9c is a cool gun. Its definitely a “Compact” pistol that is very easy to carry and conceal for most body types, but 12+1 of 9×19 in a grip big enough for most hands to wrap 3 fingers around the grip, makes it feel like a LOT bigger gun than it is.

    Also its great to be able to stuff a monster mag into the gun and have it run just in case your 12+1 doesn’t cut it!

  11. John Smith. Says:

    Think I would prefer the Steyr Compact… I have hands not gerbil paws…

  12. SayUncle Says:

    James, the RAM just improves the reset, which the factory trigger is lacking.

  13. zak b Says:

    I also picked up an M&P9c for BAGD, aka my 21st. Also picked up my CCL today, so now I’m just waiting on a good holster.

  14. Robert Says:

    Nice purchase Uncle! My BAG purchase was getting rid of my G19 and picking up a M&P 9 and the M&P 22 (for cheaper training). Taking some getting used to, but I think that I am going to like my new purchases.

  15. ben Says:

    They’re still too fat. I have an M&P9 and it’s the width, not the height or length that keep me from carrying it.

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