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Wireless Flash Memory

This looks pretty handy. Anyone use them?

13 Responses to “Wireless Flash Memory”

  1. jon spencer Says:

    I use the Eye-Fi Pro and the chip has not come out of the camera or had a cord attached since it was put in. Somewhere about a year now.
    The transferring of pictures and movies to the computer go pretty easy.
    There are some small things that I do not like about the interface, but if at all possible there will always be one in my cameras.
    The only reason that I bought the Pro was that it was half off, so the price was the same as the regular chip.
    I do not use the options that make it the Pro.

  2. Tim Says:

    Depends on what you’re doing. I bought mine to use with an iPad at the ComiCon in Phoenix, and it sucked. I couldn’t maintain a stable connection because of the way it works.

    If you’re just want the convenience of turning on the camera and having the pictures show up on the computer, it works fairly well.

  3. McThag Says:

    I’m happy with my 4gb one. The next size up allows for an ad-hoc connection so you can skip the wi-fi router.

  4. poobie Says:

    I’ve got one as well. Bought it to use with my D90; it’s OK, but a little slow. Mine’s one of the newer models that creates an ad-hoc network for transferring stuff while you’re shooting on the go.

    To get around the speed issues while using it in my SLR, I set it to shoot both raw and JPG, and set the JPGs to basic compression and 2 megapixels. That’s big enough for any of the things I’d need to do from a tablet or my phone. If you want it to transfer raws, get the pro model. I actually mostly wind up using it in my pocket camera, an old coolpix.

  5. Rob Says:

    Seems like a lot of money for something that basically saves you two or three steps (taking the flash card out of the camera and putting it into a flashcard reader) and maybe fifteen seconds (big MAYBE depending on how long it takes to transfer the files).

    I’d imagine that it also runs off the camera’s batteries, which will cause them to deplete their charge faster.

    I would much rather spend the money on a larger card.

  6. Les Jones Says:

    They’ve been around a long time and never really caught on in a big way. In part I’m sure because of the cost per gigabyte.

  7. Jake Says:

    I’d have to agree with Rob. Unless you need to do file transfers pretty frequently, I wouldn’t think the added convenience is enough to justify the higher $/GB. It might be worthwhile for professionals or real enthusiasts, though.

  8. wizardpc Says:

    I have one (the 8gb Mobile X2). All the high-quality pictures I’ve put up on the blog since January were uploaded with that card. I’d buy it again.

    It’s not for everyone. It should be a lot easier to use than it is, but once it’s set up you don’t have to touch it. I have the pics uploaded to my server, and then from there they get sent to Picasa (as small pictures, because the 1gb limit on Picasa gets hit pretty quickly when you’re uploading 30mb pictures). The thing I don’t like is that although you have a lot of choices about which service you can automagicially upload your pictures to, you can only choose one at a time.

    For example, we have a Snapfish account that we send pictures of lilwizard to so that family can just got to WalMart and print pictures themselves. It’s handy. But I can’t send them there AND to Picasa. Or there AND to Flickr. I chose Picasa because the pictures are then available on my Android devices.

    And yes, it does seem like a lot of money for cutting out a couple of extra steps, but if you take a lot of pictures it’s worth it. Let’s say it takes 5 minutes to remove the card from the camera, put it in your laptop, copy the pictures to your hard drive, and then upload them to Picasa. If you’re doing that every day, the extra $65 for the eyefi mobile vs a regular SDHC becomes worth it pretty quickly. Once a month? not so much.

  9. VolDog Says:

    I have the 8gb Mobile X2. I use it to upload photos from my Olympus PEN PM-1 to my Android phone and to Flickr (don’t like Fickr – need to find a better option). Once on my phone I can then instantly share with friends via instant messaging, e-mail, or Facebook

  10. treefroggy Says:

    Might be an interesting investment for those who chose to photograph the “Authorities” without having to worry about the card being confiscated and “losing” the evidence.

  11. nk who misses his 386 with DOS 5.0 Says:

    If only I knew what you all are talking about.

  12. Bryan S. Says:

    If I do anything that requires a lot of shooting around the house, i use DIYphotobits and a 30′ USB repeater cable tethered to the laptop.

    Anything else its easy enough to go and move the files over into the folder I want on the PC.

  13. Rivrdog Says:

    Or, buy a 4G smartphone with a decent camera in it and you won’t need this gizmo at all.