Every Day Carry For Kids

Good discussion and good ideas. Thoughts?

5 Responses to “Every Day Carry For Kids”

  1. 8notch says:

    The kids in the link are homeschooled so a pocket knife would be mandatory. I would also add a small LED flashlight, lighter, watch, and a handkerchief. That covers the essentials and uses up little pocket real estate.

  2. Mik says:

    Urban/suburban kid edc minimum:
    photo id
    small multitool/knife
    led light & whistle necklace (beaded or breakaway)

    paracord bracelet/shoelaces

    most important:

    Get child involved in selections.
    BOB is separate issue.

  3. comatus says:

    Mom’s Cafe serves extra helpings of french fries, mustard, and ketchup. That will all fit in a musette bag.

  4. Kristopher says:

    A small stun gun, and some serious training with it … including stop touching it and if you show it off, I’ll beat you training.


    I’d rather bail a kid out than bury him.

  5. hsoi says:

    Thanx for the input folks. I’ve updated the post with some more information and feedback I’ve received.