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Chicks and guns

She’s not the biggest fan but realizes that women are arming themselves. And they should.

13 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. Mike Branson Says:

    Don’t tell that woman about the knives in her kitchen. She’d likely never leave her bedroom again.

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    This should be FASCINATING. Thanks for the pointer.

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I think it was Col. Cooper who wrote something about how Firearms are just Launching Platforms that convert Chemical Energy into Kinetic Energy.

    Funny thing is, most American Households have one or more of an Energy Transfer Device in their Possession, but they have never been Licensed and Regulated by the BATFE.

    It’s called a Car. Wonder if she realizes that?

    Ever seen anyone hit by a Ford doing 60? I have. It’s not pretty. But if one is being Carjacked by a Goblin….

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “Regardless of the statement put out by gun owners that “Guns don’t kill people, people do”, I still feel that if criminals were unable to get their hands on guns no one would get killed.”


  5. BenC Says:

    The article seems like it was written by two different people. One that that believes guns are evil and cause crime just by their presence and another that recognizes that they are the best way to defend oneself. I wonder if she has a duel personality or if the editor had someone ghostwrite the second part of the article.

  6. Bill Says:

    No, its written by a woman who is being forced to face the fact that she is NOT equal to a larger, more physical attacker, and is logically proceeding through the steps to recognize what she needs to do to even the playing field.

    She is doing nothing that is abnormal or unusual when faced with facts that don’t conform to belief. She is beginning to reconcile her beliefs with the facts, not the feelings she has heretofor followed.

    Good for her! I have watched the women in my life go through the same process, and it is edifying to realize that I had some small part in that.

  7. ATLien Says:

    Funny thing is, most American Households have one or more of an Energy Transfer Device in their Possession, but they have never been Licensed and Regulated by the BATFE.

    Or just look under the sink or wherever you keep your various cleaning products. You can seriously break shit mixing some of those chemicals.

  8. HL Says:


    I agree, good for her. But why is it so traumatic for her and some other woman (and men who behave like them)to face the fact that there are people bigger, stronger, and meaner?

    I am 6’2″ 275 play contact sports, and by all accounts am an asshole. It wasn’t expecially hard for me to say to myself “Fuck! I need a gun! A swarm of hoodlums may beat down my door and steal my bourbon!” I didn’t post, or cry out, or see a shrink. I bought a gun. The vast majority I suspect did the exact same as me.

    Again, glad she is getting a gun, but why the hysterics?

  9. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    HL, I’m just a wee shorter and a wee lighter, and at one time I wouldn’t’ve drawn back from most one-on-ones, but I have herniated discs and have had bad sciatic nerve issues. One 18yo thug my size and all I have are my dirty tricks. Two? A flash mob? .45ACP brings the odds back in line. I’m glad I didn’t have to overcome what amounts to a religious ideology.

  10. HL Says:

    That’s what I’m saying Evilwrench. Why was it easier for us to face facts than those for whom it would seem easier…namely rhe woman in the story.

  11. ATLien Says:

    A swarm of hoodlums may beat down my door and steal my bourbon!


  12. RC Says:

    Conditioning is the answer to why this woman has her initial attitudes. Think of what a pioneer woman would think of modern women and their metrosexual partners. She’s been inundated with irrational thinking about a simple tool that has been demonized beyond reason. Good on her for going against her conditioning and seeing the world around her. How many other men and women have been brain washed to believe these things about guns but were able to overcome their conditioning and then became full fledged converts once they realize they were lied to and gun proficiency is empowerment. She has the kernel of knowledge that getting a tool and getting proficient with it will give her some equalization, lets applaud that and wait to welcome her to the fold.

  13. Firehand Says:

    Short version: “Guns are ICKY!! EVERYONE’S always told me so!!


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