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Candles don’t stop violence

Joe responds to the Brady Campaign’s ridiculous candlelight vigil with a cool video.

Update: Symbolic of the effort.

3 Responses to “Candles don’t stop violence”

  1. chris Says:

    I have always laughed at candlelight vigils and the useful idiots who attend them.

    I think it’s a regional (blue state) thing.

    I haven’t seen any here in Tn and I don’t read about any in Texas, where the juries still abide by the “he needed killin'” defense.

    Candlelight vigils don’t provide justice like a gun, in the proper hands, can.

    These silly vigils do little more than provide a venue for future victims to congregate.

  2. Aubrey Turner Says:

    Unfortunately, there are indeed candlelight vigils here in Texas. And it’s not just for people. I recall that the mushy-headed animal rights groups held one when DPD had to shoot a gorilla that got loose at the Dallas Zoo in 2004.

  3. SoupOrMan Says:

    Candlelight vigils, at least in Illinois, are done for the tv cameras as proof that a grieving family needs money from the city/county/state police department who employed the officer who who took the report about the shop owner who shot and killed their criminal/honor roll student/active church choir participant/kid who was just getting his life back together. Never mind that the kid was shot during an armed robbery attempt, it’s not his fault he was there robbing the place at the time.

    Never mind that the checks will bounce higher than a superball on a five-day meth bender, they want their money from the city/county/state and they want it now.

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