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Cool bottle opener

Update: More here

4 Responses to “Breaching”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I think I’ll stick with using the bushing wrench that comes with my Kimber… 🙂

  2. chris Says:

    Not paying $35 for a bottle opener, I still have the free one I got from a radio station in HS. The bottle opener has lasted almost twice as long as the radio station did.

  3. David S. Says:

    Larue Tactical’s Beverage entry tool

  4. mikee Says:

    I’m still using the bottle opener I swiped from my Grandpa’s kitchen in 1977 when I left for college. It is from an obsolete Pittsburgh beer company, and he brought it with him in 1959 when he and Grandma retired and moved down south to live with my parents and us kids. I suspect he had it for a few decades before then, as it is made of Bakelite and chromed steel.

    When something works well and does not fall apart, I keep using it.

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