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Mil blogging

What guns does the sniper with 255 confirmed kills use? Well, here you go. Though the press seems to be confusing calibers with rifles.

First female soldier to kill in combat.

14 Responses to “Mil blogging”

  1. bluesun Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s slightly awkward for that article to be running the links within the column about the sniper’s favorite calibers saying “is Obama a one term president?” and the like?

  2. Tam Says:

    That should be “First Limey female soldier…” We’ve been doing it longer than there’s been a USA.

  3. mikee Says:

    I was thinking the Russian female snipers during WWII might have preceded this British soldier, but the Revolutionary War citation beats me by many many decades.

    I have read of the camp followers during the Napoleonic Wars, dispatching wounded soldiers on the battlefield while looting corpses. Not snipers of course but certainly murderously efficient female killers. I suppose this behavior goes back to the stone ages.

  4. Matt in AZ Says:

    Many folks tend to focus on the hardware aspect of sniping and forget the far more important art of field craft. Field craft allows the sniper to survive and a mass a large kill count. 255 is a little over half of Simo Hayha’s 505 confirmed kills. Simo had less time in combat and used an iron-sighted service rifle and occasionally a smg.

    First female to kill in combat? Not bloody likely.

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I remember seeing a Documentary series a few years back about the Brits in Iraq. One of the episodes told of a Territorial Army Unit (think U.S. Reserve), stained in a F.O.B. in Basra. They would put the Female cooks in the Unit on the roof of the building they were using at night to man the Machine Gun (Mag 58, I believe), because of that “Women in Combat” Rule. They said in the Vid, that the Ladies did “get some” during a few night time attacks on their position.

  6. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    Not the first woman from the British isles to kill in combat,either. Boudica is turning in her grave, and she ain’t happy! An SA80 is quite the stand-off weapon compared to a sword.

  7. treefroggy Says:

    “It was the first time Miss Taylor had ever fired her standard issue SA80 assault rifle at another person. ”

    Ummm, medics are issued firearms ?

  8. HL Says:

    I suspect Joan of Arc had some kills.

  9. Bobby Says:

    But she shot him SEVEN times! This had better be under review!

  10. RC Says:

    Durn tootin’ there better be a review. She might have needed those extra rounds…one round, one kill.

  11. Travis Says:

    Yeah, they seem to have caliber and the model of rifle confused, but whatever. I agree with his analysis of the MK11. I used it in israel on a adventure tourism trip. It didnt jam for me, but another guy in the group had it jam on him. Surprisingly, we didnt have many other problems with any guns we used on the trip, and they were all guns used by the israeli special forces. really awesome trip though, we used every kind of gun imaginable, threw grenades, went skydiving, learned krav maga, went offroading. like i said, really awesome. this is the company i went with

  12. divemedic Says:

    Lyudmila Pavlichenko had 309 confirmed kills in WW2. Joan of Arc may have had a few as well.

  13. divemedic Says:

    Violette Szabo was a female british operative who operated in France. She killed quite a few Germans before being captured and executed after parachuting into France during the Normandy invasion.

  14. comatus Says:

    “Looking at it with apparent unconcern, she observed that it was lucky it did not pass a little higher, for in that case it might have carried away something else”
    –Joseph Plumb Martin, 8th Connecticut.

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