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First, Ford mentions they didn’t take bailout money in an ad. Now, Ameriprise mentions they didn’t take bailout money.

4 Responses to “Marketing”

  1. HiddenHills Says:

    Tommy Lee Jones was on You Tube selling something a few minutes ago…, then he pulled a pen out of his pocket…….

    uhhh, what were we talking about ????

  2. comatus Says:

    A new approach to PR: the “I am Spartacus” campaign.

    Biggest new thing since Victor (or was it Omar?) Kiam bought that electric shaver. Now there was a Patriot.

  3. HL Says:

    Victor Kiam was also the guy back in 1990 who said that Lisa Olson and Saddam Hussein had both gotten a good look at the “Patriot Missle.” This was after Lisa, a reporter, was offended that she saw a dong in the New England Patriots’ locker room after a game.

  4. Rivrdog Says:

    Gee, merchants acting like they prefer an honest relationship with the customer instead a suck-up relationship with Uncle Sam….geeee….I think I’m gonna cry….

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