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PSH in Florida

Expecting those in authority to comply with the law is terrifying for the anti-gunners and the press (but I repeat myself).

3 Responses to “PSH in Florida”

  1. divemedic Says:

    The funny thing is that many of the fears he has are already addressed in state law. People cannot fire guns into the air in celebration, nor can a CCW holder carry a firearm to a child’s sporting event. Both actions are already against state law.

  2. adam Says:

    @divemedic – Why can’t one carry to a child’s sporting event? I get the notion that some adults get hot headed at their kid’s soccer game and might have anger issues. On the flip side, just because you’re in a public setting with tons of people, that doesn’t mean attacks will stop.

  3. Farm.Dad Says:

    On the officials part its not so much psh as pissed. How dare anyone interfere with how they choose to rule whatever podunk fiefdom they inhabit. And worse hold them accountable for their actions. If they and wanted to be accountable they would never have chosen politics or bureaucracy as a carrier.

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