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Regarding yesterday’s zombie shotgun post, Never use a shotgun as your goto zombie weapon.

3 Responses to “Shotguns”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    And living so close to D.C., NJT should know about Undead Ghouls who want the last pound of your flesh.

  2. MSJ Says:

    I have been thinking backwards. So if you have enough friends…

  3. junyo Says:

    “The reload time is murder…”

    Huh? Getting a round directly into the action is darn near instantaneous. And you can top up the mag as you go, which you can’t do with most semi rifles. So if you’ve let the tube run dry you just deserve to get your brains ate. How much ammo you can carry and range (somewhat) are legitimate concerns about a shotgun as a zombie defensive weapon, but loading isn’t, if you know how to run one.

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