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Make the ultimate zombie defense shotgun.

Personally, shotguns are a horrible choice for zombies. A low recoil rifle is better.

20 Responses to “DIY”

  1. Chas Says:

    But it doesn’t have a bayonet launcher! I mean, you can fight zombies without a bayonet launcher, but it’s a lot cooler if you have one. Especially when you get them right between the eyes!

  2. junyo Says:

    You know I’m surgical with this bitch, Jake.

  3. Chris Says:

    Everything I have heard about zombies is that you have to hit them in the head… I presume the brain…

    To me a .22 would be perfect.

  4. j t bolt Says:

    Hey! That’s MY line. And this was in my queue for tomorrow. It’s so hard to stay fresh…

  5. Veeshir Says:

    I have yet to see anybody use a gun I would use in a zombie movie.

    I want high capacity mags in a carbine.
    I’m thinking UZI, if a .22LR is good enough, then Uncle’s idea of a suppressed 10/22 is the deal.

  6. aczarnowski Says:

    World War Z made a good case for 22LR. And shovels with sharpened edges.

  7. Speakertweaker Says:

    Am I the only one who thought of the Ninja Glock when I saw this?


  8. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I dunno, the brain of a zombie is already pretty impaired; I wonder how much damage from a .22 would further that. Remember, James Brady took one in the brain and it didn’t stop him. I’d look for cutting off the base of the brain to essentially remove it from directing the body. I still think 00 buck or 7.62 would give a more reliable result.

  9. HL Says:

    You guys are banking pretty heavily on the “Walking Dead” Zombies. If its the “28 Days Later” zombies, you are “F’d in the A” with .22. You are going to need some knockdown power.

  10. Bryan S. Says:

    “Not only is a pump action shotgun a proven deterrent, but it also has some serious knockdown power.”

    No it isnt, no, it doesnt.

    Newton’s 3rd law states that for every action there is an opposite and equal action. if it knocks them down, it does the same to you.

  11. Laughingdog Says:

    It’s not that shotguns are a horrible choice as much as that your preparations and tactics were very flawed if you let them get into effective shotgun range.

  12. Laughingdog Says:

    So how is a weapon mounted knife supposed to work if it doesn’t actually extend past the muzzle?

  13. Sigivald Says:

    There’s a fine line between clever and resourceful, and ridiculous.

    That crosses back and forth a few times.

    (Byran: I think he means “knock down” as in “they fall over and don’t get back up”, not “they were knocked over by the sheer force of shot hitting them”.

    Not, perhaps, the clearest formulation, but I think it makes a valid point.)

  14. Sigivald Says:

    Laughingdog: As he says in the comments, it’s there for accessibility when you need a knife for general survival purposes, not for use as a bayonet.

    (I think I prefer a setup where the gun is a gun and the rest of the kit is in a backpack or equivalent, but…)

  15. Beaumont Says:

    @HL: Your point is well-founded, but allow me to nitpick a bit by saying that the plague victims in “28 Days” were not actually zombies.

  16. Bubblehead Les Says:

    M1 Garand with the Long Bayonet. Just as much ammo in the weapon as most shotguns, no pumping, durable, can be used as a Good Spear, strong enough to Break open the Skull with the butt. Only problem is that MilSurp 30-06 has dried up.

  17. Timmeehh Says:

    All you armchair zombie hunters are getting your info from Hollywood. If you think a .22 will put down a zombie PERMANENTLY, you are in for a rude awakening. In order to KILL a zombie, at least 50% of brain matter must be destroyed, or you can sever the head from the body with a bladed weapon. Zombies that “go down” from a .22 head-shot are only stunned. They will re-animate when you are not looking and could literally bite you in the ass! This is why a 12 ga shotgun loaded with buckshot or slugs is the ideal weapon for zombie hunting.

    And yeah, I’m one of the survivors from the Kelowna, BC zombie outbreak of 1999. It wasn’t pretty, things were done, but it was necessary.

  18. Gun Blobber Says:

    I think this shotgun went a bit overboard, but it had some really cool ideas. I like the saw blade attached to the sling swivels, and the firestarter integrated into the outside of the buttstock. Pretty ingenious. For a “Tru(n|c)k Gun” I think you could do a lot worse. Yes, maybe having all of that stuff in a separate pack might be a better idea. But just having everything fit inside the form factor of the shotgun, which you’d already have to carry anyway…. I think it’s great.

  19. ltkauffee Says:

    As Owen “Z” Pitt from Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series quickly learned after becoming a hunter… It’s a lot harder to kill real zombies than “movie” zombies. +1, Timmeehh!

  20. Chas Says:

    “So how is a weapon mounted knife supposed to work if it doesnt actually extend past the muzzle?”

    Poorly. 🙂

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