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More NYC

Sebastian has more, including discussion of chemical deterrent laws in NYC.

From this post, a lot of people are telling me to carry a cane. Really? I think my coworkers might notice if I suddenly developed a limp or something.

I did order some Fox OC. From Amazon. To be shipped to my door in two days. Ain’t America great? And, of course, the S&W TacPen. I’m a fan.

14 Responses to “More NYC”

  1. mikee Says:

    Just a warning: here in Texas, with the Fox OC stored in my pickup truck starting in January, by mid summer the canister has about 1/2 second of propellant left (due to heat cycling I suppose).

    Change the old can out for a new one regularly. Use the old one for a quick practice session before tossing it.

  2. PhillipC Says:

    Nah, just tell them you twisted your knee while you were packing because you fell over your suitcase, and you figure it’ll get better in a few days.

    I fell off a 40 foot cliff in 2007, shattering my hip among other things. I walk just fine most of the time, but every once in a while it flares up. Nobody pays much attention when I grab the cane. People will take about any excuse you want to give them, if they even bother to ask.

  3. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Leave the cane for the gun rags or forums. Even though canes are the new hotness they are less than optimal without a lot of trigger time and effort on them.

    Carry pepper spray, don’t wear flip flops or baggy khaki shorts with 20 pounds of junk in them like every other tourist, and don’t walk around alone.

  4. W Says:

    I have the opinion that even though canes are the new hotness, and definitely are less than optimal without lots of practice, barring firearms leaves them as the next best thing for self defense. Maybe you would be better served with a self defense item disguised as another (utilitarian) item?, take a look for the tactical umbrella. Especially good since there’s been a rainy spell in NYC lately. The only downside is the price, (and no, I’m not an employee.)

  5. armed_partisan Says:

    W beat me to it. Tactical Umbrella.

    If you carry a cane, wear a knee brace. That way you don’t look like a young person with a large stick, you look like an injured person with a medical device.

    I rented this DVD from Netflix called “Cane for Self-Defense” which I thought was pretty well done. It is DVD only, though (no Streaming).

  6. Bobby from USF Says:

    Whats the legality of carrying a small flare gun? I have an uncle who used to keep one in his glove box before he got his ccw.

  7. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I’ve had some sciatic nerve issues. I like to think I’m recovering, but I have a handicapped hang tag and a couple of canes handy. Couldn’t hurt to add to your skill set, at the least; I’d like to get some mad cane skillz, myself. What do you care what these people think, anyway? Be as safe as you can, any way you need to.

  8. Jailer Says:

    The 2oz Fox has a 2 year shelf life. If you ever need it you’ll be glad you got Fox and not something else.

  9. mikee Says:

    I agree with Jailer above, FOX is best of cannister pepper spray, unless you go to the 16 oz bear sray they sell in Montana.

    I once again point out that in my admittedly limited experience, 6 months in a hot car is about it for the 4oz can of FOX.

  10. MHinGA Says:

    You needn’t limp; GET THE CANE. Thanks to my fellow lawyers (though I’m NOT a PI lawyer), TSA & LEOs will not question it, not matter how fit you appear to be. This is one occasion that allows you to use the PC-run-amok culture.

    And, Fox OC is the best.

  11. MHinGA Says:

    I can train just about anybody to effectively use a cane in very short order. No fancy trapping techniques, etc. Grip. Poke. Rip (down), swing low (the money shot: anywhere from just above the knee down to the ankle), then low again. Repeat as necessary. But it won’t be necessary.

    Yes, there are many more techniques. But unless you’re up against somebody with serious training or a stand-off weapon and the awareness to use space, you won’t need them.

  12. Justthisguy Says:

    Bartitsu, the Britanno-Japanese martial art practiced by Sherlock Holmes, has a lot of cane techniques. Having recently entered my seventh decade, I think I have a perfect right to a cane anyway, along with the seersucker suit, string tie, straw Katie, and gaiters.

  13. Mike Says:

    My understanding of NYC law is that you can carry OC spray — but only if you buy it in New York. You cannot legally carry OC spray brought in from out of state.

    My experience with NYPD is that if they catch you with “illegal” OC spray they might take it away from you.

  14. Don Says:

    “Do you have a prescription for that cane, sir?”

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