A civil rights victory

In South Dakota:

South Dakota lawmakers have proposed changing the state’s concealed weapons law to allow permits to all legal residents, weeks after an immigrant living in Sioux Falls sued the state.

A handful of lawmakers from both parties introduced a bill Tuesday to make that change. The group includes Senate Republican Leader Russell Olson, who signed onto the bill after saying earlier this month that he didn’t see a need to change the law.

Original suit mentioned here. I wonder which Larry Pratt will comment on this?

5 Responses to “A civil rights victory”

  1. John Smith. says:

    Seems Olsen wants to get reelected….

  2. nk says:

    There’s still the federal law. I believe you need a permanent resident visa. Can’t be a visitor, whether student or tourist.

  3. nk says:

    Had that my problem with my nephew when he was here on a student visa. I couldn’t get him a gun. He went into the army and got himself paratrooper’s wings.

  4. SPQR says:

    With respect to LPR’s, I don’t think the law would survive an equal protection challenge based on discrimination of national origin.

  5. Pol Mordreth says:

    But it’s not discriminating on basis of national origin, SPQR. It’s discriminating on the basis of whether or not you are a visitor or you are intending to stay here. Your country of origin doesn’t matter.