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Wouldn’t get my hopes up

This is making the rounds but I wouldn’t count on it:

“I am pleased to report that all branches and offices within ATF have given the official okey dokey to eliminating the CLEO signature requirements for NFA Forms. This includes Counsel’s office and the National Sheriffs’ Association! The package has been sent on to the Department of Justice with recommendation for approval. The package will include:

1.Elimination of CLEO signature requirement.
2.Institution of CLEO “notification” similar to an FFL application. (A copy of the form will be sent to the CLEO as opposed to asking for permission.)
3.Trusts and LLC’s and corps will still be available for use.
4.In the event of #3, a NICS check will be required when the weapon is physically transferred.
Unknown is whether the Citizenship Compliance form will be eliminated and merged into the various NFA forms instead of being a separate nuisance. ATF is leaning toward elimination.”

The NFATCA has been working for several years to make this happen. I am proud to say that we have pushed this agenda item further with better results than we ever have before. ATF and its various branches have reviewed all of the potential issues and suggestions that we have presented. At this point, ATF has actually submitted the issue to the Department of Justice for final approval. We have never been able to get this issue out of ATF’s “universe” before. At this point, it could be a matter of weeks or months before we receive final approval. I am hoping that the timing of the November release of several updated NFA forms is a good coincidence. That was the long answer. The short answer is yes, the process is in full swing.

Jeff Folloder
NFA Trade and Collectors Association

15 Responses to “Wouldn’t get my hopes up”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    ATF requiring LESS govt input? If that’s true, I’ll eat my hat.

  2. harp1034 Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I would not bet on it.

  3. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Considering that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent defenting the signoff in court, I doubt they will get rid of it.

  4. Diomed Says:

    They went to the trouble of soliciting comments in the Federal Register. And they have actual reasons for wanting to see it gone, like stemming the flow of trust transactions (which, thanks to FFLs not knowing what they’re doing, has allowed prohibited persons to take possession of NFA toys), and reducing the amount of time needed to process transfers (because those signatures do get checked).

    So, yes, I expect it to be gone before the end of this year.

  5. Ken Says:

    How will this affect the fingerprint requirement, if at all?

  6. Mike M. Says:

    It probably won’t affect the fingerprint requirement, but if you live in an area where CLEO approval is difficult to get, or just inconvenient (MD, for example – you have to go to State Police HQ), it’s a big help.

  7. Davidwhitewolf Says:

    Ooh, this could be just the thing that pushes me over the edge and getting that Super Shorty!

  8. Sigivald Says:

    That would be nice, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    (I live in a place where County Sheriff doesn’t like NFA stuff, so it’d actually let me get one if it happened.

    Not that I’m chomping at the bit, but I do occasionally think a suppressor or SBR/SBS might be fun.)

  9. Matt Groom Says:

    This is HUGE news! I suppose they realized it was just a matter of time before some CLEO got sued and lost his shirt and then sued the ATF. Plus, they’ll save lots of money by not having to get in touch with every CLEO in the country (which must be as big a PITA as it is to get ahold of my CLEO) and verifying them as the CLEO.

  10. Bugei Says:

    Sure and no problem, on accounta the DOJ is run by Mr. Holder, who is a big fan of firearms in general.

  11. Jim W Says:

    I’m still gonna keep using a trust.

  12. SPQR Says:

    It might also stop all of those FFL dealers from incompetently practicing law…

  13. Kristopher Says:

    if they can get rid of the CLEO sig, and the background check ( in excess of a normal brady check ), they are one step closer to shitcanning the Hughes Amendment.


    The Hughes Amendment forbids spending federal money on new NFA weapon transfers for individuals … change the stamp requirement to a $200 printed shipping label from the post office, and enact a permanent amnesty, and the Hughes act is gutted without congressional approval.

    Just fill out the front of the form 4 ( or form 1 ), put your name in both sections if it is a discovered attic gun, and go to the post office and buy the stamp.

    Viola, the tax is paid, and you hold proof of this fact in yer hands.

    Doing it this way can allow the NFA registry to be shredded, burned, and then shut down.

  14. Diomed Says:

    “The Hughes Amendment forbids spending federal money on new NFA weapon transfers for individuals … ”

    I suggest you actually read 18 USC 922(o), because that’s not even close to what it says.

  15. Kristopher Says:

    Diomed: You are correct.

    Apparently something I read earlier was not the actual text.


    Section (o) will have to be repealed completely, or fought in court as an unconstitutional excess in what was supposedly a tax act.

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