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The Gun

A book about the AK-47. NPR piece here.

2 Responses to “The Gun”

  1. tkdkerry Says:

    Chivers @ NPR: “There’s a lot of measures of a weapon, and one of them is how they work against a conventional foe, like the United States military,” he says. “That’s not the best measure. The best measure is how they work against a larger set of victims: how they work against civilians, how they work at checkpoints [and] how they work in the commission of crimes for all of these things.”

    Seriously, WTF? The best measure is the AK’s effectiveness against largely defenseless groups? Got no edge on fertilizer, there. If that’s representative of his logic, I’ll take a pass on the book.

  2. Chris McBride Says:

    Found on iTunes U

    Kalashnikov Culture: Counting the Toll of the Small Arms Trade 55:04 A World of Possibilities Educasting Free