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I wouldn’t try it but watching a bullet spin in ice is pretty neat.

7 Responses to “Cool”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    Words fail me.

  2. Jim S Says:

    I could see my brother doing something like that…

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Oh this is just prime for someone in their haste to get downrange to:

    1)fail to call the range “cold” [1]
    2) forget about rule #3
    3) slip and fall on the ice, and have a ND

    [1] nope, not intended.

  4. Michael Says:

    I’m pretty sure it is fake. One of the fundamental tricks of stunt photography is the “whip pan”. Take a continuous shot, do a pan faster than the eye can follow. The viewer is fooled into the direction that he is really looking. In this video, I think the spinning bullet is behind and to the left of the shooter. Someone off camera sets up the bullet, and then you “whip” to it, disorienting the viewer. They do something similar on the second shot too, notice how they distract you with the one behind them again and then go “oh, it stopped”. This gives them a chance to set up the second one. As they pan back to the “front” you don’t see where the second one winds up yet. Another shot, and they find it, closer and to the left of where they were aiming, just out of the frame.

    The other giveaway is that the bullet doesn’t deform at all. Since it didn’t penetrate very far, the bullet would absorb much of the energy, so i would expect that it would not be as pristine.

  5. Les Jones Says:

    I call BS on the video. If there’s enough friction to overcome the forward momentum of the bullet there’s enough friction to overcome the much smaller rotational momentum.

  6. Laughingdog Says:

    Les, I’m guessing you haven’t played much pool. You can put a lot of spin on a ball, and that spin doesn’t go away just because it impacts another ball. Also bear in mind that, once the rounds stop, you can see the rifling marks on them. I’ve dug enough rounds out of the berm to know that FMJ frequently doesn’t deform.

    Am I skeptical, yes. But this is entirely plausible.

  7. Laughingdog Says:

    “Apparently, Mythbusters is going to film a segment to test the incredible case of the spinning bullet on ice. Many people are discussing if this is possible or not. After watching it repeatedly and reading the arguments, I believe it.”