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On the iPad

From what I understand, in addition to sounding like a feminine product, it has less functionality and a less friendly user interface than a netbook. And costs twice as much.

And, unlike my Droid, it can’t multitask.

17 Responses to “On the iPad”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Technically speaking it can multitask. That it runs one app at a time is a policy decision by Apple mean to preserve battery life in the iPhone. It makes little sense to restrict the iPad thusly. Macs, iTouch, iPad, and iPhone are all running a version of MacOS, which is capable of multitasking inherently. It would be a simple matter for Apple to allow App writers to do multitasking apps. Kind of disappointing they didn’t offer that possibility.

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    From a Kool-Aid drinking site, I was graced with this headline

    “Apple Launches iPad Magical And Revolutionary Device At An Unbelievable Price”

    Magical AND Revolutionary!

  3. Dan Says:

    It does know flash, right?

    Other than having a touch screen, I see no reason to spend all this money on an Ipad over a good Asus brand netbook.

    Ahh, but uncle, can make calls AND use The internet at the same time? Or have gsm capability? Although, i used the Internet/call thing only once when I was trying to order pizza.

  4. Link P Says:

    I will stick w/my Asus Eee PC and Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

  5. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Heh, “unbelievable price” is right.

  6. bob dole Says:

    Yah, I am a big apple fan, and really disappointed.

  7. treefroggy Says:

    Once again, Apple, like H&K won’t give us what we want because we suck.

  8. Phelps Says:

    Guess what? Your Droid doesn’t really multitask either. I tries, but it doesn’t do it.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    Yes, it really does. I can do a multitude of things all at once.

  10. Rabbit Says:

    I bought a remarkably nice Lenovo notebook for less than that 2 weeks ago, and it’s not a phone, either.

    It is, however, much more versatile at everything else and isn’t locked into incestuous software design. Apple has reinvented the iLiad at twice the price, but with color.


  11. SPQR Says:

    The Kool-Aid does not taste that good to me.

  12. SPQR Says:

    Eight things that suck about Ipad sums it up pretty well.

  13. Reputo Says:

    Since everyone else is putting a plug in for the iPad, I thought I might as well.

  14. Drang Says:
    From the Fail Blog.

  15. Drang Says:

    From the FAIL Blog.

  16. Ian Argent Says:

    Gonna sell liek hotcakes – and gonna put even more money in Microsoft’s coffers when one of the netbook makers knocks this off running Win7. Apple has repeated what they did with the original Mac, IMHO.

  17. Stan Says:

    Am I the only one who thought of the Padd from Star Trek first and not a panty liner?

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