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Guns for Cash in the Bronx

Over 1,000 guns. With pics. Can anyone ID the weapon in top left with the drum magazine and two pistol grips? I had my guesses but still not sure.

16 Responses to “Guns for Cash in the Bronx”

  1. RP-in-TX Says:

    Looks like a Streetsweeper to me.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    looks like there’s a wooden stock though. that threw me off.

  3. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    I think there is another long gun behind the Streetsweeper.

  4. Rabbit Says:

    I’m leaning toward Streetsweeper, too, but the (lack of) brightness on my monitor makes me kind of ‘fill in the gaps’ on what I see in the photo.


  5. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    So. . . You can turn in a destructive device in NYC, no charges no questions asked?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Actually, if NYPD does not transfer the weapon, they break fed law.

  7. Sigivald Says:

    Yeah, dollar says it’s a Street Sweeper with a long-gun behind it.

  8. Joe Sherwood Says:

    I’m calling shenanigans–I see what looks like 5 sawed off shotguns, the streetsweeper, and they’re not crowing about that? The center placard says Police Department Firearms Instructor, so I wonder if this isn’t a stock picture. Are there any photos about this that don’t originate from twitter?

  9. Kristopher Says:

    A 12g Streetsweeper … vents on the shroud identify it as such, rather than the Striker that it was a knock-off of.

  10. Mark Says:

    Streetsweeper a.k.a. Armsel Striker 12. 12 shot rotary mag 12 ga.

  11. Spook45 Says:

    COPY THAT; Street Sweeper is what it looks like, what a waste. BUY MORE AMMO…….AND MORE GUNS SINCE THESE HAVE FALLEN INTO THE WRONG HANDS…..

  12. Mu Says:

    So, what’s the limit at Big 5 for $69 Mosin-Nagants? I see a business opportunity here.

  13. staghounds Says:

    That’s why they never seem to announce these in advance, why they end quickly, and the money i limited.. At $200 per, I can finance a pretty good weekend in the city if I had time to load up the car and drive up.

  14. Paul Says:

    So if I drive to NYC with a truck of old .25 autos that may or may not work, will they give me $200 EACH? Say I bring 100 of ’em. That’s $20,000!

    Might be worth the trip!

  15. Kristopher Says:

    Doesn’t work … once they figure out your there to make a profit, they say they are out of money, and start offering gift certificates and crap.

    What would be even more amusing would be to rent land across the street, set up a table with an FFL displayed, and start out-bidding them for the better guns.

  16. Will Says:

    Interesting, one poster states that if you put Bloombergs name in a post, that the software flags it, and it never shows.

    how would you handle the ones that turn out to be stolen? Shame that the hot sheet site isn’t available to ffl’s and others.

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