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Amazing. I did my iPad post 3:30. At 3:32, sitemeter looks like this:

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All those google searches are for the iPad. This post went up at 3:35.

3 Responses to “Buzz”

  1. Snottydog Says:

    Like your page set up. Been blogging for a few years now and have a link to here on my page. (had for awhile now) Anyhow.., with all the GOV. insanity lately.., been “consdrin’ byin’ mahself a gun soz ta protect mahself on a counta dem no good hoodlims runnin’ round n’all!” BEFORE Obama bans our right to bear arms and we end up in a mess like Australia!!

    I’m considering a 45 cal w/ slightly shorter barrel.., black.., least expensive DESCENT model. However.., got no idea where to start with brand names to like or dislike. Not even sure the costs. 9mm is OK.., but my preference experience from what I know about guns & prior military (navy).., to STOP the guy.., not WING HIM so he can OWN ME later on.., is a 45 cal gun. Any suggestions? Also, come by my blog for a visit sometime.

  2. Josh Says:

    Taurus 24/7 or Millennium Pro. If you’re looking for a “smaller” (not 5″ barrel), the 24/7 is hard to beat. I just picked one up in 9mm, and love it. Look hard at the Millennium series, if you want something easy to conceal.

  3. Texas Mike Says:

    I like my Glock 30 compact in .45 ACP. The 36 is a single-stack version, and of course there are the new models in .45 GAP (Glock Auto Pistol) caliber if you want an even smaller grip size.