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The system worked

Woman finds gun in airport bathroom in the ‘secure area‘. Turns out, it belonged to a federal agent.

8 Responses to “The system worked”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    God how I hate IWB holsters …

    They all do that. And they don’t make much noise when they sneak out. You can’t leave the stall without checking to see if your pistol is quietly lying there on the floor.

  2. McThag Says:

    Am I the only person in the world who would think, “Cool! Free gun!”?

  3. Ach Says:

    Re: McThag

    Uh, no. Many gang bangers and hardened criminals out from prison would have exactly the same thought.

    Similarly, if you see a wallet on the ground – “Cool! Free wallet!” is wrong. It is not finders keepers.

    Plus, a random gun might be a crime gun, might be hot, you don’t want it. If it’s legit, it isn’t free. And if it hot, you’re just asking for different trouble.

    Now, if you were talking “spoils of war”, I’d be for that – If someone tries to rob you and you “win”, under the law, you should be able to keep their goods. Yeah, unworkable. But the idea has a certain appeal to me… Maybe I’ve played too many RPGs (video games, not the propelled grenade variant).

  4. emdfl Says:

    From the story it sounds as if the pistol was sitting on the tp dispenser; which would seem to rule out the “it must have slipped out of my holster” excuse

  5. M4Finny Says:

    I would question why a customs officer (Agent? as if they are 007 material?) needs a sidearm in the first place. Customs needs to only be concerned with passports, people bringing rare animals and fruits into our Country and whether or not someone’s golf clubs have residual foreign soil in the grooves of the club faces.

  6. Skipelec Says:

    Yeah, pretty much say’s to me, “yo, a free .40”
    You know it’s from a fed, [your taxes] or how else does it get passed security? Sounds like a refund to me.

  7. Ach Says:

    >You know itís from a fed, [your taxes] or how else does it get passed security?

    Conceded. In this case you can be pretty damn sure it’s not hot. In fact, it’s probably in the “hardly been used” category – only leaving the ol’ holster for visits to the restroom or after work, and that’s about it. =)

  8. B Smith Says:

    DAMN IT, why does this never happen to me? I mean, aside from the fact that I avoid airports, on account of the fact that I’d rather have my fingernails removed with a Leatherman tool and no anesthesia than submit to TSA bullshit, of course.