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Need a holster?

Evyl Robot:

Folks, currently my holster business is about my only business. If you want a really nice, full-custom holster quick; well, now would be the time to place your order.

3 Responses to “Need a holster?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    You’re awesome. Thanks for linking. We could certainly use the exposure.

  2. Evyl Robot Says:

    Dude, thank you! Very much. Like I said in my blog entry, I only need to do so many of these to make a business of it. It shouldn’t take much of a push. You just helped me out a bunch. Thanks again!

  3. Skipelec Says:

    Ineed a left handed shoulder rig for a S&W 5904.
    Went to your page and got lost.
    Uncle, hook me up?