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Unblogged Tabs

Us says Ft. Hood shooting was terrorism. No kidding?

Glibert Arenas gun ‘bling‘.

Man in WA cleared by jury for drawing down on bar bouncers who were escorting him out.

2 Responses to “Unblogged Tabs”

  1. Cybermike Says:

    I am sick of the media treating this guy like a misdemeanor crime breaker.. He was seen shooting innocent people. He was shot in the act of committing his crime. He admitted to it and remains unrepentant. Now we must spend how many thousands of dollars on a trail to prove him guilty. It should have stayed in the military court system. Case closed.

  2. Kirk Parker Says:

    The WA story is some of the worst reporting I’ve ever seen. Quite a few people in the comments are going “Huh??? A customer can’t legally take any firearm into the 21-and-over portion of a bar”, but nowhere in 3 articles does the newspaper ever bother to clarify this.

    It’s highly unlikely that it’s not–what other kind of restaurant employs “bouncers” and has cover charges–but in that case the big question the incompetent reporter misses is “so why didn’t the prosecutor also charge him with violating that?”