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Should be open year round

In The City (My The City):

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office has opened to the public its firing range at the BCSO’s training facility on two dates in September and October.

The public range days are being offered to individuals interested in honing their shooting skills in preparation for the upcoming hunting season. Only rifles will be permitted.

3 Responses to “Should be open year round”

  1. Huck Says:

    ALL law enforement shooting ranges should be open to the public. Our tax dollars are paying for them so we should get to use them too. A plus is that the LEOs might pick up some tips from the citizenry that would improve their accuracy and safety.

  2. chris Says:

    I guess this means the we don’t get to shoot at the range’s Hogan’s Alley.

  3. Bill Mullins Says:

    The linked article says the range was constructed jointly with the Air National Guard. Federal law (10 USC 4309) says that if federal dollars helped pay for the range, it has to be available to citizens to use.

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