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Something definitely looks illegal here

Anti-gun hack Garen Wintemute has done another study on gun shows and concluded the same thing he did last time. And, apparently, used the same methodology of going to gun shows and deciding all by his own self if something he saw looked legal or not.

4 Responses to “Something definitely looks illegal here”

  1. Retardo Says:

    So, at the gun show in Augusta, ME on Sunday, there was this cop at the table where you paid your eight bucks. He was checking guns people brought in.

    So he must have been a Crip or an Aryan Nationalist in a costume, making sure that everything was illegal enough to pass muster.

    Hey, how do you use a hidden camera to identify a “crime gun” that hasn’t been sold to the criminal yet? Do guns fated to be used in crimes have special serial numbers or something? Maybe they measure the criminal predisposition of the guns by examining bumps on the cranium^Wreceiver.

    Also, note that “gun shows have become leading sources” etc. Since when? Last 20 years or so maybe, roughly speaking? Since gun crime’s been falling for the last couple decades, that’d seem to indicate that the “crime guns” provided by gun shows are committing fewer crimes than the ones their predecessors provided. Which I would think is a good thing. I mean, it would be if everything about the whole claim weren’t bullshit to begin with.

    Lastly, he said “undercover”. I would pay good money to see this guy in his Deep Cover Right-Wing Extremist Costume. It would be like the Square Narc character in an old Cheech and Chong routine, but with swastikas.

  2. Pete Says:

    Hmmm….I guess he didn’t read this study from the Univ. of Michigan that said gun shows do not cause an increase in homicide or suicide. And you can bet that they set out to prove the opposite when they did the study.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Are you sure this Wintemute person isn’t working for our side, posing as an anti in an effort to make absolute fools of the antis? (roll sound clip from Htchcock’s “Psycho”)

  4. ErnestThing Says:

    “California gun shows also were less likely to sell military-style assault weapons”

    With that statement, I have to wonder if he even attended a Ca gun show in the last four years. You can’t even peek through the fences of a Ca gun show without spotting some CA-legal ARs or AKs…

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