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Reasonable restrictions

A WaPo reporter gets a gun in DC:

It took $833.69, a total of 15 hours 50 minutes, four trips to the Metropolitan Police Department, two background checks, a set of fingerprints, a five-hour class and a 20-question multiple-choice exam.

6 Responses to “Reasonable restrictions”

  1. clamp Says:

    After reading the entire article and watching the video it is interesting to see how the writer’s life experiences and views on owning a gun are shaped by the area of the country he lives in. As I sit in my office I have a .380 in my pocket and a .357 Magnum within arms reach and I don’t have any fear that these inanimate objects are going to shoot me in the leg or cause some type of gun violence in the office.

    It is interesting to see someone go from so completely terrified of guns from the beginning of the story to someone interested in taking shooting up as a hobby.

    Though he states he is going to sell the gun back. I have a feeling it will not be his last gun purchase.

  2. Chiller2 Says:

    If he can find the right mentor who can clear all the HCI propaganda out of his head we could probably add a new gun lover in the media.

  3. Stephen King Says:

    I agree with Chiller2…This reporter needs a little mental guidance.

    Did you see him shoot….I think he did well!

  4. BigFrank Says:

    It says something that all I really took away from that article is that a DC resident can buy a handgun far quicker than a New Jersey resident…even before the one-a-month law.

  5. JJR Says:

    Still sounds pretty “infringed” in DC…

  6. liberal gun lover Says:

    Works for me, don’t want any poor dumb people with guns. Just joking, that is a little expensive. Here in MA it was $50 for a 3 hour class and $100 for a license. Two trips to the police station and a 4 month wait. Hopefully MA house bill H2259 will fix some of that. If you live in MA take a look at it

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