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New Republican Majority?

The Washington Post:

Voting Rights Backers Hopeful for Removal Of GOP Amendment

They’re talking about the bill that repeals DC’s gun laws. They also note: It passed 62 to 36, winning one more vote than the D.C. vote bill.

Are there 62 GOP senators?

2 Responses to “New Republican Majority?”

  1. Mikee Says:

    To get the House member, the Senators would vote for anything, as long as they were assured it would be stripped out in conference committee. Republicans don’t seem to be proportionately represented in conference anymore. Look for the gun bill to die in conference, and the House membership for DC to go through.

    What, you thought votes counted, especially in a Democrat controlled Congress?

  2. Captain Holly Says:

    Or (thinking more optimistically here) it could be a “poison pill” that the Blue Dogs supported, knowing full well the House wouldn’t go along and Harry Reid wouldn’t dare let it be removed in conference and thus allowing them to vote for the bill without acutally having it pass.

    Congressmen are good at this kind of game, too.

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