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But gun ownership causes suicide!

That’s what the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership tells. Good thing this guy didn’t own a gun: The man, 45, rented a gun at Samís Gun Shop and Range and entered one of the bays. He fired the gun a few times and then turned the gun on himself

One Response to “But gun ownership causes suicide!”

  1. Laughingdog Says:

    We had the exact same thing happen at the range where I shoot a couple of years ago. That was actually the second suicide at the range. In the first one, the woman brought her own gun.

    Oddly enough, it happened about an hour before we were supposed to throw a birthday party there for the NRA Training Counselor that runs the youth shooting program there along with teaching all the First Steps and CHP classes there.

    Stranger still was that the police there assumed that I was not just a police officer (I was in shorts and a nice shirt, trying to coordinate relocating all of the food from the party), but a homocide detective. I’ve had a lot of people assume I was a cop on sight. I guess to cops I look like a cop that outranks them. The homocide detective assumption apparently stemmed from the fact that I didn’t try to enter the scene of the suicide.

    I hope my welfare never depends on their deductive skills.

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