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Still Standing

I mentioned I received Brian Doherty’s Gun Control on Trial: Inside the Supreme Court Battle Over the Second Amendment. Still reading. And you should read it too. Another interesting bit to me was the issue of standing. Seems the courts were scuttling the case, much to the almost anger of Gura. Turns out Dick Heller saved the case by actually going to DC’s gun control office to try to register a handgun. He did so knowing it was pointless. Turns out, no one else in the case had standing because they had not been aggrieved by the .gov. Heller said that the officer at the gun control office knew what was going on because has Heller left, the officer responded with Good luck with your case, Mr. Heller. Others reportedly tried to register handguns after and weren’t even given forms. And the officers on duty refused to sign something saying they refused to give the forms. And the officers turned their badges backward so that those trying could not get their names or badge numbers. Seems someone figured out what was going on but only after Heller had received his denied request.

Amazing that the case hinged entirely on that one seemingly meaningless act.

One Response to “Still Standing”

  1. _Jon Says:

    What is really frustrating about that entire situation is that the Court will regularly say that we – the citizens – can’t sue about a law unless we can demonstrate that it infringes or harms us (or our liberties). Yet – as in this case – it can be damned near impossible to prove the harm because the bureaucrats and politicians make the hurdles so high and the processes so obscure that it isn’t possible to even get started.