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NRA Stuff

Gearing up for board elections. So, a few things.

Over at SIH, there is discussion of composition and number of board members. And they’ll be issuing board endorsements soon.

Meanwhile, Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr. is running for board. He and George K. Kollitides are endorsed by, who want to get more black rifle people in positions of power at NRA. Good time to see the influence of internet activists on board decisions.

Speaking of George K. Kollitides, you’ll recall my past coverage of him here. Long and short is that he is (was?) managing director of Cerberus Capital Management, a firm buying up several gun manufacturers. They also own Chrysler*. Mr. Kollitides ran for board last year and was unsuccessful.

In the latest issue of NRA’s American Rifleman, there was a puff piece on Mr. Kollitides and his company Freedom Group International. I’m not sure if FGI is a subsidiary or spin-off of Cerberus. I can’t find a website for them. But it appears this is the name that Cerberus’ gun group is operating under. Not certain the significance of that but found it curious. Anyway, seems the NRA is wanting Kollitides on the board or they wouldn’t be doing such a piece in their magazine, particularly when people have told me that Mr. Kollitides does not do interviews. Anyway, here’s his website and his list of endorsements is impressive.

Note that I don’t think there’s anything nefarious about NRA plugging the guy. Probably good politics to bring an equity fund guy on board.

* Coincidentally, the latest American Rifleman contains a review of the new Dodge Ram.

Update: Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr. also endorsed by New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

4 Responses to “NRA Stuff”

  1. SoupOrMan Says:

    Well, maybe if Kollitides gets in we can get someone into the NRA-PVF who will scale back on the breathlessly apocalyptic fundraising letters that I seem to receive every week.

  2. Bitter Says:

    Kollitides would have nothing to do with that.

    I’ll have more on my observations on Kollitides soon. While I’m sure he’s a very nice person, I do have to say that during the last Board meeting where his committee met, he was a no-show. If he’s not going to do the work, then it may well be a wasted seat.

  3. Jacob Says:

  4. Joe DeBergalis Says:

    Thank you SayUncle for the kind words…

    I am writing to personally ask each voting member of the NRA here for their consideration. I pledge to be responsive to the needs of all members and work hard to ensure that our freedoms are secure.

    For the latest news and list of my endorsements, please use the link Jacob left or visit and click on my banner.

    Thanks again,

    Joe DeBergalis