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More on Gillibrand

I said I thought it was spin from the NYT. David Codrea thinks otherwise.

14 Responses to “More on Gillibrand”

  1. Boyd Says:

    It’d be nice if David provided more substantive information than quoting some random NY hunter and talking about what Sen Schumer said, not even quoting him directly.

    I say give her time. Her positions will become evident. And worst case, she can’t be any worse than the Senator she’s replacing.

  2. straightarrow Says:

    I think you will be proven mistaken. You see, she is a politician. A politician who no longer needs the votes of the constituency she formerly represented. She was appointed by a man not known for his friendliness to freedom in general and RKBA specifically. She made promises that she must keep to retain the seat that is now hers. Ergo, her previous promises are now null and void due to “evolution”.

    I have no more information on her than you or David, but I have years of experience that form my opinion of what she will do. I hope you’re right, I hope I’m wrong. But I wouldn’t bet that way.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Uncle is right. Codrea, as usual, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    Well Jacob, we shall see,shan’t we? Did you see her latest pronouncement re: guns?

    Seems Uncle is wrong on this and David was right. However, I must admit it is refreshing to see someone (in this case, Uncle) willing to give someone a chance.

    She just didn’t take it.

  5. Jacob Says:

    I’ve met her in person.

  6. David Codrea Says:

    Save your breath, Straightarrow.

    Jacob is the guy who said “Screw the Founding Fathers. Theyíve been dead for 200 years. People like you Paul who spout this sort of crap are the reason we have gun control in this country. You are the problem, not NRA. Sitting around whining about how things are unconstitutional or quoting bullshit from the Founding Fathers accomplishes nothing. The Constitution is just a piece of paper.”

    He was ranting about me not knowing what I was talking about then, too. So I got the “collective rights” language in the Federal Register changed without him, or any of the other naysayers.

    Hey, if you want to know how to win on gun rights, who better to listen to than Jacob? Just ask him.

  7. Jacob Says:

    Dave, Iím quite sure you donít actually know what youíre talking about, but thatís never stopped you in the past so why should it now? Masterbating to Red Dawn has never gotten you anywhere, but if you and your fan boys enjoy it so much, pop in the collectors edition and enjoy yourselves.

  8. David Codrea Says:

    Jacob, I’m in awe of your rebuttal skill. You win!

  9. tired dog Says:

    Jacob, use your spell check, and you might engage brain check as well. This NRA A-Lister will author or be a leading co-sponsor of the next gun ban bill, Schumer, execrable moron that he is, is salivating over the upcoming photo op.

  10. John H. Says:


    Thank you for proving to me the absolute inanity of the NRA and convincing me further not to join the NYSRPA. I would have been waffling for weeks otherwise.

  11. Sebastian Says:

    John H:

    Don’t blame the entire organization of NYSRPA because Jacob is poor at disagreement. There are good people in the organization, and they do good work. Jacob does good work too, he just needs to learn how to disagree with someone without being a dick about it.

  12. straightarrow Says:

    I don’t mind him being a dick. I’m not the most socially acceptable person in the world, either. I do mind that he is wrong and denies the truth.

    It wasn’t David or me or anyone but Gillibrand who proved him wrong. Yet he is angry at people who acknowledge what she did and said. I do mind that. That isn’t being a dick, that is being an enemy.

  13. chris horton Says:

    Yeah,listen to sebastian,he knows what he’s talking about. He’s the Jacob of NRA world,and he knows how to be one. Judenrat.

  14. Sebastian Says:

    Ouch.. that hurts Chris. I would like to think that when God made Jacob, he broke the mold. If he didn’t, he really should ūüôā

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