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More Obama induced gun buying

In Texas:

Sullivan was among hundreds scrambling to buy a weapon Thursday at the gun store Cheaper Than Dirt! – which sold $101,000 in merchandise the day after the election, shattering its single-day sales record, said store owner DeWayne Irwin.

2Stories were similar across Texas, where residents are fiercely protective of their Second Amendment rights and now fear stricter gun-control laws under Democratic President-elect Barack Obama.

Well, I bought 500 rounds of 5.56 yesterday from Dan’s Ammo, based on recommendations from a couple of readers in comments here. They look to have good prices on 45ACP too.

The Duck is having trouble find stuff too.

3 Responses to “More Obama induced gun buying”

  1. ATLien Says:

    does anyone see the irony in this? May not be actual irony, but it’s close enough.

  2. Joe Huffman Says:

    For ammunition you might try FOS Ammunition.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    So far I have purchased a T/C Encore frame, placed an order for an assembled Bushmaster lower w/o buttstock, and put a deposit down on a Ted Brown custom M14. I ordered an VLTOR stock from Brownell’s. I’ve dropped about $1k at Midway USA on shooting related stuff (shot timer, laser rangefinder, portable shooting bench and a holster for my S&W 25-13 Mountain Gun) and some other stuff. I still plan to buy a custom barrel, scope and rings for the T/C, and a set of Decelerator grips for it as well. On top of that, I need more reloading components, and I think I’ll be buying some 8# kegs of powder.

    And I might still buy another pistol.

    So I’m doing my part.

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