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Makes sense

Have you seen him look us in the eyes and lie:

Barack Obama’s hidden talent: He’s a top-notch poker player. Thank goodness—he’ll need it.

Among the countless blessings conferred by the election of Barack Obama is the energizing fact—until now little-known—that poker will be back in the White House for the first time in 35 years.

I think it’s illegal to gamble in DC. And probably illegal to gamble on .gov property.

Still, it’s pretty cool that he plays poker. Maybe we’ll see an end to Frist’s onerous online gambling bill.

3 Responses to “Makes sense”

  1. bwm Says:

    In May, when Obama had the candidacy sewn up, I took all this a step further in the Observer of London, concluding: “From what I’m told by intimates, Obama’s poker skills bode well for a potential leader of the free world. He is versatile, but shuns unnecessary risks; he wants to be holding premium cards before he even thinks of getting involved; the only gambles he takes are very closely calculated. America would be mad to pass up a potential leader of such acumen. In a world so fraught with danger, a leader of such visionary powers will surely restore his country’s tarnished reputation.”

    Sounds like a nit. We need a lag in office asap. Biden is obviously pretty fishy so no help there.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “I think it’s illegal to gamble in DC. And probably illegal to gamble on .gov property.”

    Hahahah You speak as if laws apply to Prez-Elect Zero!

  3. TheGunGeek Says:

    I remember Bill Clinton banning all tobacco smoking in federal buildings (even on fed property??) and then smoking at least one cigar in the oval office.

    Those that make the rules seldom feel compelled to obey them.

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