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Josh Sugarmann:

Much has been made of the bill’s bi-partisan, triangulating support: Democrats! Republicans! The National Rifle Association! The Brady Campaign! Beyond this cheery bon temps, little public attention has been paid to what the bill actually does beyond its title. And that’s because if you start looking at the details of the bill–especially after NRA-backed changes made by Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn–it becomes clear that the measure is nothing less than a pro-gun Trojan Horse. That’s why my organization, the Violence Policy Center, and other national gun control groups, have voiced their strong concerns about the version of the bill that was passed by Congress.

Actually, you guys have opposed it from the beginning.

One Response to “VPC: NRA Wins”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    Somehow, I think them fighting amongst themselves is gonna be worse for them than the NRA/GOA thing happening on our side.