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Michael Bane sums it up:

The modern antigun movement has been amazingly consistent since Pete Shield outlined the goals of confiscation back in the 1960s — get what it can get and ask for more. Every so-called “compromise” has resulted in us giving ground while the antigun movement asked for more more more. To the best of my knowledge, there has NEVER been a “compromise” as described by Professor Kingsfield…instead, we give ground and the antigunners ask for, or take, more.

That is because the antigun forces in this country — and there are not and never were enough of them to make up a “movement” despite the complicity of the MSM — have never changed their ultimate goal…the complete disarming of the American people.

Think about it. The reason they don’t compromise is that they believe in the end they will triumph.

Yes. He (like me) thinks the NRA should be willing to compromise less but still supports them. Read the whole thing.

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