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Assault and stupidity

Bryan Miller brings the usual appeals to emotion, ad hominem, and jokes about testosterone. And, of course, he makes stuff up. Bryan makes a lot of hysterical assertions, such as:

For pro-gunners it’s about arming everyone to the teeth.

Err, no. See, the tactic of the antis is generally to assign a position to pro-gunners that they do not hold so as to address the non-held position. Pro-gunners want those who are law-abiding and otherwise not prohibited to have at their disposal the best means to defend themselves. They don’t want to arm everyone. Also, Bryan likes to take normal words precede them with assault to make them sound scary. We have assault guns, assault weapons and assault pistol. Bryan is hitting us with his assault stupidity. He references testosterone but the jokes are mildly amusing since one of his links is to Zendo Deb, who happens to be a woman.

Despite calling pro-gunners crazy, his arguments are easily and calmly refuted in his own comments section due to the ridiculousness of his assertions. Like the Brady Campaign Blog when it allowed comments, his site is providing a lot of good pro-gun information.

I’m glad Bryan exists because he really does more for our cause with his lame arguments, constant insults, and general hysteria.

Sebastian calls Bryan out.

Rustmeister: You call names, get all over-the-top and I’ll do the same, liar. I’m not afraid to sink to your level rhetorically. The one thing I won’t do is lie, because I don’t have to.

Robb: Brian Miller is a liar.

Thirdpower: Bryan Miller makes stuff up..

Notice the trend?

Anyway, thanks Bryan. You do more for my cause than you realize.

Update: Reasoned Discoursetm: Now Bryan is deleting comments.

4 Responses to “Assault and stupidity”

  1. Rob K Says:

    “Assault stupidity” – that’s one assault weapon I’m willing to see banned.

  2. John Hardin Says:

    Don’t forget “assault ammunition”.

  3. Zendo Deb Says:

    Thanks for the link, and I have my rebuttal up as well…. Easy to shoot down loony arguments, especially when he attributes things to me I have never said.

  4. Cactus Jack Says:

    What’s next Brian, assault testosterone?