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And what if I’m wrong about Giuliani?

Giuliani has stated his recent support for gun rights was due to 9-11. I, and others, have stated they don’t believe his change of heart is real or sincere. What if we’re wrong? What if he really had a legitimate change of heart? It could happen. And it’s a double-edged sword. Sure, we could buy it and he may be full of it and that could damage us. Or, he could be sincere and we’re not buying it. We have to be open to the concept that folks do change their mind and welcome them. Assuming we believe them. Just sayin’.

Rudy does support the Tiahrt amendment.

38 Responses to “And what if I’m wrong about Giuliani?”

  1. Greg Morris Says:

    If he’s really changed, I’m fine with that. But he needs to do something to prove it. Like actively campaign on a promise to repeal bad gun laws. Absolutely promise not to sign any more. Then I might believe him.

  2. Boyd Says:

    Not commenting directly on Rudy, but I love the following quote that a lawyer friend of mine uses in court whenever his client is challenged on changing a position:

    Your Honor, my client reserves the right to be smarter today than he was yesterday.

  3. Wesley Says:

    Until he states in writing exactly which laws he supports and exactly which laws he opposes, I won’t believe that his vague statements of changing positions as anything more than political rhetoric.

  4. #9 Says:

    If he’s really changed, I’m fine with that. But he needs to do something to prove it.

    I agree. Deeds not words.

    My hope is Thompson, Hunter, or Tancredo win the Primary. But only one of them has a chance.

    We all know it is most likely that Rudy will be in the general election against Hillary. Yes our 2nd amendments rights are crucial. But having Hillary Clinton as President and Bill Clinton in the United Nations is not in our best national security interest. We care about guns rights to protect our homes and persons. Only our government can protect us from missiles. The Clinton’s actually believe that a better armed China is good for America. They are simply too dangerous to be in the White House.

    When metulj and Sharon Cobb come here to Say Uncle to tell us about Rudy you can see what the game plan is. They want you to believe Rudy is a gun grabber and supreme authoritarian. They want their authoritarian in the White House.

    I see we have two clear choices. Find a way to get Thompson over the top in the Primary or find a way to have Rudy prove without a single doubt his conversion is permanent and real.

    How can Rudy prove he has changed? What will convince you?

  5. Guav Says:

    As a resident of NYC during his mayorship, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

  6. SayUncle Says:

    As a resident of NYC during his mayorship, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

    I hear that a lot.

  7. gattsuru Says:

    If he’s changed and we’re wrong, we’ll end up with our votes going to Thompson for the primary.
    I can live with that.

    If he hasn’t and we’re right, we’ll have avoided naively helping a gun grabber.

  8. anon Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see him open carrying in Manhattan. No, wait, I’ll believe it when I see him advocating for open carry in all of NYC. No, wait, I’ll believe it he advocates nationwide concealed carry, no permit required.

    No, wait, hell could freeze over, and I’d still have my doubts.

    From his speeches, you can see that he thinks cracking down on lawful guns was a big reason for the reduced crime under his rule in NYC. And he says it’s a ‘local’ issue – which seems to suggest he would support DC’s total ban. HE JUST DOESN’T GET IT. The man has no comprehension of what freedom even means, and he has no business in the White House.

  9. #9 Says:

    If he’s changed and we’re wrong, we’ll end up with our votes going to Thompson for the primary.

    I’m not taking any chances. Warts and all, I will vote for Thompson in the Primary. Sometimes you vote for a candidate, sometimes you voted against a candidate.

    Across the board, I will vote against Hillary Clinton.

  10. blackfork Says:

    Let’s ask the SOB if he would veto an assault weapons ban if it lands on his desk.

    I bet his answer would be: riiiinnng, riiiinnnnng…hello honey?

  11. Ron W Says:

    Oh yeah, sure! Giuliani supports the RKBA about like they told us that Bush did and he’s all for the AWB. It’s really easy to nail these characters down. Ask them if their SS agents are gonna be limited by ALL the same laws that limit us? And do they support the RIGHT to bear (which means CARRY) everywhere in “the land of the free and home of the brave”? I’m sure rudy wold favor neither as would most other Democrats and Republicans.

    Ron Paul is the only one I know who supports the 2nd Amendment 100% by his voting record!

  12. Horse Says:

    If Rudy has changed, that’s fine. What bothers me is his capacity to change, again, in the future. I watched his 35 minute schpeal at the NRA this weekend and while he has the right idea on crime, i just was not left with the security that we wouldn’t change his mind again if some monumental earth shattering event happened. Like what if Rosie O’Donnell chokes on a twinkie and dies while being mugged at gun point? Certainly this might just be the next 9/11 that changes his mind again.

    Run Fred, run……

  13. Blounttruth Says:

    It is funny to me that people are debating what the same old same old Washington crowd is lying about. Whether you support Giuliani because he happened to be screwing the people of New York during 9/11, or perhaps Fred Thompson cause you really liked him in the Duke of Hazard or whatever he played in most are still looking the wrong direction in my opinion.

    I can’t help but wonder how many lies, how much rape, how much corruption will it take before the populous wakes up and takes a good hard look at Ron Paul with a certain amount of seriousness? Is it so important to have a Democrat or Republican in office trampling the working man/woman that the voice of truth and honesty is still not enough to wake up the country? I understand that allot of folks feel that Mr. Paul doesn’t stand a chance, but this individual like him or not is an honest man, so very rare in Washington that all the media tries to make him out to be an idiot. Read his words, watch his debates, check his voting record, and everyone can see the best hope for this country is there for the vote, but many are too committed to the corruption, and robbing of the citizenry to make a sound judgment. Screw Rudy, he like all the others will lie to get your vote, and the one man who will shoot everyone straight is being demolished by the media who just happens to be owned by the very commentators who sell us truck loads of bullshit daily that we sit and digest daily.

    Ron Paul, pro guns, pro constitution, anti war (unless we are attacked) and a voting record that follows the letter of the constitution ( ) without swaying once in over 25 years. I may leave this country if the same old same old are put into office to run us further into socialism/communism and living in an every rapidly growing police state, you know where my vote is going I just hope I don’t have to spend the next 4 years saying “I told you so”. Don’t fall for the same old lies so that the next asshole can sit in the Oval Office and take a good hard look at the guy next door, Ron Paul in ’08.

  14. #9 Says:

    To all the Ron Paul supporters, please explain to Ron Paul that unless he repudiates the 9/11 Truthers he cannot be considered. Ron Paul lost me when he refused to take a stand on the 9/11 Thruthers. I doubt I am in the minority with this viewpoint.

    However, there is so much about Ron Paul says that I really want to see happen. But he guilds the rose. Some of his views are way too libertarian for me. I could live with that but his stand on the Truthers is the straw that breaks the camels back.

    It is heartbreaking that Ron Paul doesn’t understand how he has lost people that believe in much of what he believes.

  15. Ron W Says:


    Why is it that our own government keeps allowing in and importing the very group of people, Islam, from whence came those who attacked the WTC and among whom they find “aid and comfort”. I think our own govenment in continuing to allow that is guilty of “treason” according to the precise wording of Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

    Ron Paul doesn’t agree that elements of our government were complicit in 9-11. Why must he repudiate Constitutionalists, other than to say he doesn’t agree, who otherwise support his views on restoring Constittuional government because they don’t agree with him on that?

  16. Metulj Says:

    That whole phone bit should put everyone off. Anyhow, go ahead elect Giuliani. He’ll claim that the 2nd Amendment was his idea in the first place …… if it will get him elected.

    #9: Tancredo? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  17. DirtCrashr Says:

    ‘Rudy said he’d ‘sprain it to us…Yeh when a politician or a lawyer’s lips move it ‘sprains one thing – they’re lying.

  18. Hemlock Says:

    I believe Tam had a post with a pic of Guiliani speaking
    from behind a podium that said Gun Control on the
    front of it. Thats proof enough for me, not believing it!
    Go Fred

  19. Xrlq Says:

    I understand that allot of folks feel that Mr. Paul doesn’t stand a chance, but this individual like him or not is an honest man, so very rare in Washington that all the media tries to make him out to be an idiot.

    The media can’t make Ron Paul look like an idiot. Only Ron Paul can do that.

  20. SayUncle Says:

    Anyhow, go ahead elect Giuliani.

    Err, no thanks. there are so many other issues with him as well.

  21. # 9 Says:

    Why is it that our own government keeps allowing in and importing the very group of people, Islam, from whence came those who attacked the WTC and among whom they find “aid and comfort”. I think our own government in continuing to allow that is guilty of “treason” according to the precise wording of Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

    RonW, I know. I don’t understand why the .gov does it.

    Ron Paul doesn’t agree that elements of our government were complicit in 9-11.

    Ron W, I saw it and heard it. I can’t find the exact clip. Go to There are a few there that are similar.

    Many people say Ron Paul doesn’t believe in the 9/11 Truthers. But he will not repudiate them. There are some things you have to take a stand on. He will not take a stand. But I know what you mean, I wish for a Constitutionalist also. I know Fred is far from perfect. I will have to take my puke bag with me. I think many of us at Say Uncle will disagree on who to vote for. You chart your own course.

    But no way in hell I will vote for Hillary.

  22. Chas Says:

    You vote for that junk politician and you will rue the day. That man has been a weasel from day one. I didn’t hear anything from Rudy that wasn’t pure, unvarnished BS. He did his slick little song and dance for the NRA, and he didn’t give up anything.
    Get this: There ain’t gonna be no messiah from D. C. who’s gonna save your gun rights. Fred Thompson is the least of all evils at this point, and there’s no gun control law he wouldn’t sign if Congress sent it to him.
    Best candidate for gun rights would be Hillary, because she’d rile up millions of apathetic gun owners, and apathy is our worst enemy. We could run a partisan defense against any gun control efforts she puts on, and hold the line against her that way. We held the line against Mario Cuomo until we voted him out of office.
    But if a RINO decides to support gun control, like the traitor George Pataki did, there is no party to turn to – you are screwed! It’s a done deal. Rudy is a gun rights traitor itching to happen. That little show he put on for the NRA was a nod to political reality, but he still weaseled at every opportunity. That cross-dressing fruitcake would have been a lot happier addressing the Brady Center, but political reality is otherwise, fortunately for us. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that his little bow to the NRA means anything – it doesn’t – not where he comes from.

  23. Mike W. Says:

    right now all I’m seeing are words. Until his ACTIONS prove to me that he’s pro-gun I’ll continue to consider him a threat to my rights. Right now I have to choose between his anti-gun previous actions and recent pro-gun words, and we all know actions speak louder than words.

  24. HardCorps Says:

    That’s right, Dr. Paul is a complete cook with no intelligence about anything. Hell, the other day he actually had the gall to tell the Fed Chief that he was hurting the poor people by printing too much money. He actually thinks that the government doesn’t always work in the best interest of the people! I mean look how great it is that the dollar is the lowest in over 30 years – now all that stuff from other countries we buy will be 40% more expensive! I mean I hate buying stuff from other countries, even though most of my things are…this will be good for America….right???

    Man, Ron Paul is such an idiot – there is sunshine coming out of everyones assholes here in America! I have all the liberties God gave me and I’ve never have any of my freedom to live restricted by the government – I am completely free to keep all the money I earn and to work without providing a national ID number and to never ask permission to open a business or remodel my house. I mean I can even go buy whatever gun I want in any state I want cash only and I don’t have to ask permission from the government or sign any forms or wait for a subjective waiting period or pay a special tax and give finger prints to own a shorter barrel or silencer . I just bought a brand new semi-auto SiG rifle the other day. There are more gun stores than ever before and ammo is cheaper than dirt!

    Man, fuck Ron Paul – he’s an idiot!

  25. Blounttruth Says:

    I am very afraid you are right #9. I feel that there are enough people in the country that would allow Fox News to incorrectly interpret what Dr. Paul stated, and the fact that he will not refute the truthers aspect that the 9/11 hijackers were not here because “they hate us for our freedom”, but rather that we have been there bombing and killing them for many years and trying to force political options abroad when we cant even get it right here.
    The fact is our foreign policy is crap, we pay off Pakistan (20 million a month) so that they can do nothing in the way of fighting terrorism? Osama Bin Laden hides there safely while our kids are being killed in Iraq for what gain? Just to let you know I voted for Bush and am very ashamed at this point that I did so. I see now that campaigns can make people out to be hero’s when they are true zeros. Bush, for all I know, could very well be brain damaged (this coming from a life long republican converted Libertarian during this administration) with some of the ideas he has come up with. (But still HAD TO BE BETTER THAN KERRY!!!!!)
    All I am saying is Dr. Paul stands for the Constitution whole heartedly, and the laws therein. The very laws that have taken us to this point of the nations being. If there is anyone that feels that we are getting our monies worth then congrats on your CEO, CFO position, hope you go far. The rest of 99% that work 9-5 have been nothing but shit on for the last 20 years, and it is time not only for change, but major change, hey! Hows about a candidate that’s interest lies with the people??? What a concept.
    SaysUncle is a strong believer in gun rights, and he is no mad man on the loose, but rather a family man that clocks in and out day after day to take care of the family just like myself and most readers here. But if you were to ask an anti gunner they would clearly call him a gun nut, crazed blood thirsty mad man, just as those that do not understand Dr. Paul’s position because of the spin the media puts on him, and we all know who owns the media.
    I highly suggest watching and listening to Dr. Paul when you get a chance, and if you are die hard republican, I mean the Shawn Hannity loving type that feels that the Republicans will lead the way to a better tomorrow for your children I suggest listening to this-
    If you do a Google search “media silencing Ron Paul” then you will find from CNN, to FOX, to most all main stream medias are trying to silence this crazed mad man that wants you to take home your paycheck, that wants to ensure that you can keep and bear arms, that wants to make sure that you have the right to privacy, that feels that the best idea to protect a nation that was founded on non pre-emptive wars would best be served having our military here at home and only go after those that attack us, to end corrupt imminent domain, to send illegals packing, to serve “We the People”, what a betrayer of our nation!
    To better explain why Dr. Paul has not refuted the truthers is simple, he feels that a .gov that lets immigrants in to our country and does not keep a close watch on them is betraying the very oath they took when they went into office. It is our .gov’s duty to protect our borders and keep us from harm, he also stated how could the FBI and CIA have information that Muslims that had overstayed their visa’s were learning to fly jets, but not interested in learning to land them, and at the same time getting Intel that Bin Laden was planning to use aircrafts as weapons….. That crazy old Ron Paul and his wild view that perhaps if we had people with a 5th grade sense of problem solving might have figured that one out, and I myself am still trying to sort out why with this information pre 9/11 our .gov acted as if this was a total surprise and 6 years later no one on the federal level has been held accountable, unlike the miserable failure in Katrina when the finger pointing was out of control. So go ahead and vote for the same old same old, but if Uncle doesn’t ban me from post (for my lengthy post…hehe) be prepared for years of I told you so’s from the crazed Libertarian Blounttruth….

  26. Ron W Says:


    You quoted me:
    “Why is it that our own government keeps allowing in and importing the very group of people, Islam, from whence came those who attacked the WTC and among whom they find “aid and comfort”. I think our own government in continuing to allow that is guilty of “treason” according to the precise wording of Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.”

    And then you said, “RonW, I know. I don’t understand why the .gov does it.”

    So #9, you’re agreeing that our government is engaging in treason in having allowed the attackers of the WTC to enter and stay and are still doing so.

    That’s one the basic contentions of 9-11Truthers. And there are many unanswered questions and facts (like the one you agreed with) that points in the direction of at least a conspiracy to let it happen….as you admitted that the government did…but you don’t know why. The establishment government-media complex will NEVER objectively and reasonably allow those questions to be examined..but only respond in emotional, visceral reactionary way in derision and villification.

    So it can be admitted that our own government is engagaing in treason by letting our enemies in to them “aid and comfort”…but we dare not advance a reason for the treason!!!

    Why is that??

  27. #9 Says:

    The basic contention of the 9/11 Truthers is that a shadow government in America blew up three buildings in New York with explosives. And they coordinated this with the Islamic terrorist who flew two giant jets into the the twin towers.

    I repudiate that. See how easy it is?

    Yeah, Ron Paul has to repudiate the 9/11 Truthers. Why he hasn’t I can’t understand. If I understand what is written above it is because one or two points from the Truthers might make sense? Why not repudiate the part about the explosives? I’m not alone here. Many people wonder why Ron Paul embraces the Truthers.

    As to Ron’s question about treason. I see some basis in it but I think it is a stretch legally. How in a court of law could that be proved?

  28. Blounttruth Says:

    Hate to burst a bubble, but lets take the words from the horses mouth and again not from Fox news. Like I said earlier Ron Paul does support further investigation into 9/11 to see what, where, when, why, and I would assume it has to be so that we do not allow the same thing to happen again, as far as his official standpoint I would like to show the transcript and even a video link with Mr. Paul talking about his views on the issue. this is not from the group “truthers” but rather from the man himself, unspun, and honest as always. I hope this will at least open your mind to Dr. Paul and help you realize he is not a nut due to what others on the web and media may say. When in doubt ask….


    Ron Paul: I mean to go to this extreme of trying to make a big deal of it I think is a very biased type of reporting and questioning.

    Interviewer: Well if you look at it that way that would make sense. But it’s not . . . I’m telling you there is a broad perception . . .. and maybe

    Ron Paul: I’ve never heard of it . . . I hear occasionally that people will ask me about it. I read the Internet like crazy and I rarely see it.

    Interviewer: Really? Because every story that comes out with you – and these videos of you talking to these kids are very big on all the file sharing . . .

    Ron Paul: OK – but I don’t have to defend what they do and say. I have to only defend my position and I’ve just given you my position.

    Interviewer: So your position (then we’ll get off this and onto something else) your position then would be that as far as you’re concerned the official story from 9/11 . .. and this is not about the government covering up their mistakes. . . this is about the suggestions from these people who you were talking to in this video that 9/11 was orchestrated by the government: You do not support that theory?

    Ron Paul: Absolutely Not!

    Interviewer: ok thank you I think that will clear up quite a bit. Let’s get on to something else here.

    This is the first post in probably 8 months where I’ve actually included a Digg Button. I know there’s an active “bury Ron Paul stories” crowd, so this should be interesting.

    Update: Yup, Buried.


    Please do not buy into the same old Washington money grubbing, constitutional shredding, self indulging, politicos. Before I base an opinion on something as important as my children’s future I do research it hard and heavy, and I love debate. If there are any more negatives about Dr. Paul I would love to read them as it will help me make a sound decision myself.

  29. Ron W Says:

    #9 says,

    “The basic contention of the 9/11 Truthers is that a shadow government in America blew up three buildings in New York with explosives. And they coordinated this with the Islamic terrorist who flew two giant jets into the the twin towers.I repudiate that. See how easy it is?”

    But #9, you said you didn’t know why the government engaged in the treason of allowing those WTC attacking enemies in to stay and still do it. So how can you repudiate it being deliberate by some in government if you don’t KNOW why they did it and are still committing the same treason of allowing enemies into our country??

  30. #9 Says:

    Ron Paul is not on the list.

    There is a time and place for protest votes. I remember the last maverick from Texas. He cost this country two terms of Bill Clinton. A lot of people voted for Ross Perot. They wanted to teach the Republicans a lesson.

    The Republicans responded with Bob Dole. I gave up trying to teach Republicans anything a long time ago.

    If Paul stands no chance of winning, and you despise Rudy, then what is the point of your protest vote? Since Paul can’t win you want the country to endure Hillary?

  31. Blounttruth Says:

    Better yet if Hillary is destine to win, why not meet in the middle since there are many moderate Dems that are supporting Ron Paul as well. I do not despise Rudy, Romney, Thompson, or even Huckaby, I despise the idea that they are all a member of the same club as Obama, Clinton, or Kucinich. The screw you for my own benefit club.
    These people do not care about you and yours, nor will they tell you the truth about any given issue. If they are speaking to the NRA they talk about how they are pro gun like Giuliana, but once in the Whitehouse they could care less about any specific issue other than further advancing their own career and once President, their own legacy. A vote for Paul is nullifying a vote for Hillary. You list the polls like they mean anything, this is media bias at its best as noted here:

    If you exclude a candidate from a poll then they will not fair well at any time. The fact is Paul has done better financially than McCain, but without checking facts no one would ever know. This simply shows what our corporate owned media thinks about true democracy, its only a democracy if they win, so skewing the numbers wont hurt anything. Again I urge you to read all you can about Dr. Paul and stop allowing the biased media to make up your mind. I am so glad you posted the polls, as this shows how corrupt the system is and the candidates that are listed. The list you provided shows the true angst that the corporate world has against someone who would end the lobbyists control over public issues. So in other words you claim a vote for Paul is a protest, and I claim it is a vote towards freedom, and with the use of the internet to get the facts out perhaps in my lifetime there will be a Ron Paul or someone with the same ideals that could end the cycle of corruption and destruction. I disagree with Dr. Paul about immediate withdrawal of the troops and support the actions of our troops 100%, but the one thing I disagree about with him about (which is HUGE) is not enough for me not to want to give America the chance to be a great nation once again. The simple fact that they have left Ron Paul out of the majority of polls shows that they are not only scared, but they do not want to give him a chance to be a part of the democratic process, which is a scam anymore. What will tell the tell is election day, and although they can skew the doctored polls, they cant skew the election results. #9, I respect your views and from reading your comments you are standing where I was 10 years ago, but no longer will I cast a vote for organized crime that takes 32% of my earnings to do with what they please. I am ready for a leader, and although If Dr. Paul was by a miracle to be elected I could see Hillary on the floor of Congress executing him with an assault weapon, or any of the other US mob bosses. With enough public outcry Dr. Paul could very well start showing in the polls, such as the Iowa straw poll in which he was victorious. Vote for Freedom, vote for our constitution, vote for honesty and integrity, and get someone in the Whitehouse that actually cares about the people and their rights. If Hillary wins it will certainly not be because people voted for Paul, it will be because there are enough people that are clueless about politics to know when they are being lied to. If she wins I will still be able to hold my head up and say “I voted for RP” and feel proud that I tried to be part of the solution and unafraid to do so.

  32. Ron W Says:

    Bush Sr. or Clinton? Both sold us out to globalism and multi-culturalism. Republicans at least resisted and stopped Clinton from getting Homeland Security and the Patriot Act, but after 9-11, they were ready to goose-step behind Bush and vote for the massive police-state appartus which was all ready to go.

    The notion that Perot cost us Clinton only makes sense IF all our votes belong to Republicans and Democrats; another mantra:
    “don’t waste your vote” of the contolled political establishment– which continues (under Bush) to allow our country to be invaded and which gives “aid and comfort” to our enemies (just as was done under Clinton. Voting for “the lesser of two evils” is still evil. Many so-called Republican “conservatives” will march behind the same evil when it’s their boy doing it…that’s obvious, except a few patriots like Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo.

    My vote doesn’t belong and will not be given to Rudy, who kept NYC a “sancturary city” to give “aid and comfort” to illegals and potential enemies, AFTER the first WTC attack, because he’s running against the another, supposedly worse, globalist, police-state traitor!

  33. # 9 Says:

    Bush Sr. or Clinton? Both sold us out to globalism and multi-culturalism.

    Damn straight.

    except a few patriots like Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo.

    My pick would be a Thompson/Hunter ticket. I would prefer Hunter over Thompson, but it is not in the cards.

  34. Blounttruth Says:

    The majority of the folks I work with are pro Thompson… And I am trying to sway them… hehe
    What kills me is that they were pro Thompson before they heard his views on the first issue…
    That is scary to me, but I guess the presidency has been a popularity contest since day 1. I did join Frieds of Fred to try and get an idea of his views and am still waiting for him to go all out, the thing that scares me most is the thought that he is reading the debate results and will try and focus his goals on issues that spike the charts as opposed to what he believes in.
    I will be honest and say I like some of the things I hear from Hunter, he seems not to worry about what people think, but rather is sure of himself and his ideas, the worst thing about that is that it sounds like Bush pre first term.
    Bottom line is we will have to beat the dems for sure, with the likes of Nancy P. and Harry R. lead by a Hillary scares the shit out of me… Hillary/Pelosi ticket with Cindy Shehan as speaker of the house, I can assure you people will be begging Ron Paul to save us all…. hehe

  35. Ron W Says:


    Everyone around here seems to be jumping on his bandwagon…kinda like they did with Gov. George W. Bush, the supposed “electable” conservative. Electable alright, but conservative, NOT!

    Ron Paul, Tancredo, Hunter, they say it straight and back it up with voting records, but, for example, will Fred Thompson REVERSE the Bush policy and STOP the invasion of our country?? Will he continue the treasonous sellout to multi-culturalism and continue to import (give aid and comfort) to our enemies? Will he continue the sellout to globalism and continue our behind-the-scenes slide into a globalist dream North American Union? If not, then why is his campaign filled with old Bushies? I asked this at a local county Republican Party meeting, but NO ONE KNEW!!!…they’re just supporting Fred…. (or Mitt, or Rudy, or John) on blind faith I guess!!

    Besides, that’s who the establishment media has told us are “top-tier”..and we gotta obey!

  36. Cactus Jack Says:

    “What if he really had a legitimate change of heart? It could happen.”

    And pigs might fly some day too! I might have given Rudi the benefit of the doubt except that he didnt get a “change of heart” until after he announced that he was running for president, almost 6 years after 9/11.

  37. Xrlq Says:

    HardCorps, I take my prior comment back. Ron Paul isn’t the only person who can make Ron Paul look like an idiot. His supporters do an even better job of that than he does.

  38. Blounttruth Says:

    Please enlighten us where anyone made Ron Paul look like an idiot. I argue for him in other forums and if I did not prove a point with fact please point it out so I do not make the same mistake in other realms.


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