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Assault Weapons Ban Push Returns

The headline reads: Police Chiefs Call For Assault Weapons Ban. The headline should read: Anti-Gun Group Calls For Assault Weapons Ban.

And from a Florida Idiotorial:

More assault weapons are being used in crimes in South Florida, and police are being outgunned by the bad guys.

How many? One or one thousand? Since these weapons that look like assault weapons have historically been used in a fraction of a percent of crimes.

And with each shooting, there is one unmistakable truth — the average person has absolutely no need for an assault rifle.

What’s need got to do with it? The average person doesn’t need a newspaper.

All follows is more PSH and misleading info about politically incorrect self-loading rifles.

7 Responses to “Assault Weapons Ban Push Returns”

  1. Two--Four Says:

    […] and it’s only Monday:”What’s need got to do with it? The average person doesn’t need a newspaper.”Say Uncle. Sep 24, 07 | 12:57 pm AxeBitesVarious guitars I see floating by, mostly Gibson and mostly eBay. […]

  2. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    Hmm, they switched to “assault rifle” in there.

    What we need are super assault weapons. Three bayonets! Two pistol grips! Six flash suppressors!

  3. Auslander Says:

    Real assault rifles are covered by the National Firarms Act of 1934. Bah-Humbug.

  4. mekender Says:

    the story throws a shit fit over 15 murders committed last year… the population of mimai-dade county last year?… 2,402,208… hmmm, so lets see, im sure there were more murders committed with knives, cars, explosives, poisons and even golf clubs….. but lets ban the evil looking rifles

  5. kishnevi Says:

    This was sparked by one of those hysteria of the week incidents involving a cop who was killed by what the media and police call an assault rifle, with three of his mates wounded in the same incident–with two other incidents involving cops killed or seriously wounded in the last two months.

    What they manage to gloss over is the fact that the murderer was a felon (hence the fake ID) who, under existing laws, shouldn’t have had any guns to begin with. (And he apparently had collected about five others btw.) But the solution to a law that doesn’t work is of course, another law that won’t work.

  6. blackfork Says:

    OK, how about a bill to ban assault rifles…AND ANY OTHER OBJECT USED IN as many crimes…OR MORE.

  7. greatbluewhale Says:

    Should have said, “Political Hacks Trying to Suck Up To Their Liberal Mayor Bosses So They Can Keep Their Jobs Call For Assault Weapons Ban”

    This is a great example of how Leftists frame the conversation.

    Aren’t the rank and file as represented by FOPs usually against most gun control measures?

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