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Stupid media tricks

Kathy McIntyre, of some paper I’ve never heard of, published the names and addresses of 24 pit bull owners in a newspaper for Commerce City, Colorado. Her lame ass reason was for the greater good of the community. Never mind that, like the time the Cleveland Plain Dealer published names of carry permit holders, it’s an unnecessary privacy violation. She assumed that people who owned such dogs were a threat and should be embarrassed or acknowledged so as to be ridiculed, apparently. It also could give some folks the view that the paper is encouraging vigilantism. Blogger Andrea Weckerle recommends that you contact her via the address at the Metro North Chamber.

Well, here’s the address of a real threat to the community:

At work:
Kathy McIntyre
Commerce City Gateway
PO Box 88
Commerce City, CO 80037
(720) 221-7352
(720) 221-7352

I also have her home address, phone number, a map to her house, a picture of her house, and know her husband’s first name. I could publish all that but that would make me a dick. Man, Al Gore’s Internets are a scary place.

3 Responses to “Stupid media tricks”

  1. cube Says:

    publish all the addresses you want in newspapers, people don’t read them anymore.

    this is one reason to have a ghost address.

  2. _Jon Says:

    If you were a member of the DNC, you could get her credit report too. 🙂

    The guy two doors down has 4 or 6 dogs – mostly pits.
    The amount varies month to month. I think he watches them for friends.
    They bark a lot.
    They are kept out doors. They have dog houses and are leashed to stakes or poles.
    They have water and food available to them.
    He plays with them daily and walks them around the hood in pairs.

    It’s a harsh environment for the dogs, but they do fine.
    Every now and again one or two gets loose.
    A couple of times they have been in my yard when I let my dog (14 year old 50 lb lab / sheppard mix) out. There have been nervous moments, but no attacks.

    The dogs are friendly, playful and safe.

    He loves his dogs and takes as good care of them as he can.

    People like this woman sticking their noses into other’s lives is another example of a nanny-state attitude that needs to be discouraged and eliminated from our society.
    “Live Free or Die”

  3. Nomen Nescio Says:

    pits are like any other dogs, or any other animals, really. some good, some bad, and generally very many good for each aberrant bad. (they do tend to be much better at dealing with humans than they are with other dogs, however. like any other dog, they must be controlled at all times.)

    publishing this reporter’s name and address makes perfect sense. after all, i’m 100% convinced she has a heartbeat, and so has every single violent murderer in recorded history had; surely this means she’s in the same boat with them. i see no logical way she could claim that making the public at large aware of her whereabouts was not for the greater good of the community.

    especially as she would be unlikely to have her property taken away from her and destroyed simply because it was made known that she owns it. in Boulder, Colorado, the local gubmint will happily steal and kill your dog if its agents merely think it looks like a pit bull.

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