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This is interesting.

Maybe there is hope in the KELO mess. I hope this spreads to other businesses.

3 Responses to “This is interesting.”

  1. #9 Says:

    My greatest surprise is the number of local people that defend Kelo. It is sad that anyone believes Kelo is a step in the right direction.

  2. smijer Says:

    Say, I didn’t want to register at the link, but is that BB&T’s decision not to finance development on seized land? If so, a friend of mine told me about it… that’s incredible. I have one loan through them already & may decide to refinance my home through them just becuase. I notice they also sponsor Morning Edition on NPR, so all the better for them… If not, who/what is it?

  3. Hannah Says:

    Yeah, I am a Freshman in High school, and I do debate. Our resoluiton is :The state’s power of Eminent domain for private enterprise is justified. I am saying that it is not justified, because Eminent Domain is blocked at every turn. Constitutionally, Eminent Domain is only covered for Public use, not private. Ethiclly, Utilitarianism (Greaest good for the greatest number) is wrong. If you went into a hospital for a minor cut then if you went by Utilitarianism, you should be cut up for organs for the 5 other patients. If you are using Cost Benifet Analysis then Eminent Domain should not be used, because The Cost of Eminent Domain ( Family heirlooms, irriplaceable memories) far out weighs the benifets of a private enterprise. Also, Eminent Domain is impractible and borders on tyranny. Where do you go if you want a new house? You cannot pick one out that someone lives in, and pay them to forciblly get out. It’s illegal. So why is it okay for the goverment?

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