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Gun Show Advice

Xavier has some rules for scoring stuff at gun shows. One I always forget is:

Carry cash. Carry cash in $20 increments, in several different pockets.

As a willing player in the cashless society, I rarely carry cash. Much less in large quantities. But at a gun show, it’s a good idea.

One Response to “Gun Show Advice”

  1. _Jon Says:

    When travelling to or from said show – with large amounts of cash – ensure that you have a flyer or brochure to indicate where you are going to or from.
    The ‘net is ripe with peeps stopped by cops and having large amounts ($1,000) of cash stolen by police when stopped ’cause the citizen couldn’t show what the cash was for and the laws allow the cop to confiscate the cash as ‘it could be used for drug or illegal purposes’.

    So carry something to identify *why* you have that much cash on you.

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