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Guns for sale

djuggler emails a link to this:

Cinema-goers around the country will be shocked this week by a new advertisement offering AK47 machine-guns for sale among the ads for cars and soft drinks. They will see presenters talking up the firepower and reliability of the AK47, as a young boy demonstrates how the gun is so easy to use that even a child can fire it. They are even offered free ammunition when they call to place their order with advertisers Teleshop.

You can see the ad here. I don’t use quicktime so I haven’t watched it but I read the scroll bar, which also offers free ammo for a year. Here’s an article on it, which says:

But viewers will be relieved to find that the ad is by Amnesty International, spoofing a TV shopping channel to highlight the ease with which weapons can be bought and sold due to lax controls on the international arms trade.

A final caption reads “The arms trade is out of control” and asks people to text the word “ARMS” and their full name to 84118 to join a petition for tough action to control the sales of deadly weapons.

The ad, of course, is absolutely misleading. More:

“Some people might find our Teleshop advert disturbing. But what’s truly shocking is that one person dies every minute from armed violence. And there is a scandalous lack of controls to stop weapons getting into the wrong hands.

Really? You are aware that it’s illegal in the UK to buy an AK-47, right? And in the US, buying AK-47s has been regulated since 1934 and banned since 1986. Amnesty International is pulling propaganda and scare tactics directly from The Brady Campaign.

7 Responses to “Guns for sale”

  1. chris Says:

    What a bait and switch.

    This should be subject to a FCC fine.

  2. Justin Buist Says:

    The ‘years supply of ammo’ is linked ammo. I guess it’s scarier that way.

    The kid that demos the gun holds it at his hip and dumps about 20 round out into a mannequin and the wall behind him. With no muzzle rise.

    The holes look like 50-60 caliber holes, not 30 caliber.


  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    So Amnesty International is getting into the gun banning biz? What, not enought torture in the world to keep you busy? Well I used to have some (some) respect for Amnesty International.

  4. ben Says:

    They all probably relate to IANSA and Rebecca Peters, that is, Brady and Amnesty share the agenda of IANSA. Barf.

  5. Curtis Stone Says:

    I wonder if Amnesty International would tell me what some of the legal loopholes are that would keep me from getting in trouble for buying one of those. They look like fun to shoot.

    I’ll see if there’s anything on their website. If not, maybe I’ll email them.

  6. Lyle Says:

    No ear protection either, and they didn’t even flinch. In reality, the kid would likely be bleeding out of the ears after firing an AK indoors like that. They sure wouldn’t be carrying on the conversation in anormal fashion, because they’d all be in tremendous pain. Nice smoke effect in the bullut holes too. Good production work for creating a lie, then advocating legislation based on said lie. Typical socialists, they are crude, rude stereotypes of themselves.
    I’d like to see a similar ad, suggesting how easy it is for criminals to buy fast cars (infinitely easier than buying a even a gun – no background check and no license required) then mentioning how many innocent children are killed every minute in auto accidents.

  7. ben Says:

    heck, imagine if you could leave your guns lying around with a lock on them. A lot of good that would do.

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