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Faith in the Party No More

Relax, people. I have it on good authority that those are not gay RINOs.

Frustrated with the future of his party, The Commissar established The Raging Rinos a while back. Rino stands for Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed (on the Party Kool-Aid) and exists to show that there are secular conservatives who have better things to worry about than dudes kissing, reconciling dinosaurs with that Noah’s ark business, and making their political decisions based upon what some invisible man in the sky tells them to think. After all, there’s a war on, we have a republic to save, and the government (for anyone not paying attention) is growing in size at a ridiculous pace.

The Rinos are now a 52 member strong community over at TTLB. It is open to secular conservatives, neo-libertarians and little ‘l’ libertarians. It’s sort of the Vast Moderate Right Wing Conspiracy. It’s Republican, without all the crazy.

I mentioned to the Commissar that the Raging RINOs should probably have a little Carnival on occasion to show support for our secular brethren. He concurred and we agreed on the name RINO Sightings to denote that such are rare and endangered. My comical suggestions for the Carnival were probably a bit too, uhm, crude for most folks and included things like: Carnival of Godless, homo-loving heathens and The Carnival of pulling your head out of your ass. To that end, I shall host the first episode of RINO Sightings. All members are invited to shoot me one or two links (or, you know, I’ll pick them) to round up what we non-radical, right-wing nutjobs are thinking.

You can email me submissions at saysuncle at yahoo dot com. Send all submissions by Friday (6/24) and Sightings will be posted on Monday (6/27).

Stupid joke that I could not work into this post: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a Rino? Eliphino.

17 Responses to “Faith in the Party No More”

  1. SayUncle : RINO Sightings Reminder Says:

    […] ings Reminder
    |By SayUncle|

    Remember Raging RINOs that the deadline for submission to RINO Sightings is today. Email your submissions to me at saysuncle at […]

  2. SayUncle : RINO Sightings Says:

    […] for the group, following some issues with the first one. I guess no one liked the one I used So, while the Republican Party is busy with important things like […]

  3. CL Says:

    Is it 6/24 and 6/27?

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Yes, I’m retarded.

  5. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    But what if I am a nutjob? You know, what if I believe that private businesses are not “public accomodations,” and that therefore, business owners should be able to discriminate to their hearts’ content with regard to who they hire (and why), who they choose to serve as customers?

    I shouldn’t have to hire (or serve) left-handed red heads if I don’t want to!

    Am I too weird for your little group?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Well, I’m a gun nut so don’t ask me. I’d ask the Commissar.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Amen to this, brother.

  8. tkdkerry Says:

    Hmmm… I always thought RINO meant Republican In Name Only. Think they can overcome that?

  9. SayUncle Says:

    Yes, it did/does. I think that’s kind of ironic.

  10. kevin Says:

    RINOs — becasue look at the success the DLC has granted the Democratic Party!

    RINOs — becasure the Libertarian Partis nothing at all like the Green party. N’uh, is not!

    RINOs deploring the radical conservatives since 2005. What? Vote against them? No of course not — lefities are icky and some of them dont like guns! No, I dont see your point.

    < /joking>

  11. SayUncle Says:

    Kevin, pretty funny. I realize you’re joking but maybe the lefties should re-visit that gun thing. Seems to me, they are (see Reid). Might even alleviate some of that ickiness. Oh, and the war. And fiscal responsibility. and, well there’s a lot 🙂

  12. tgirsch Says:

    Well, recent trends seem to have indicated that as bad as the Dems are on fiscal responsibility, the GOP is even worse.

  13. kevin Says:

    First, your comments ate my joking tag 🙂

    And you know me – -I am actually pretty open on gun control as long as common sense is allowed. What works in ND — with, like, five people in the state — isn’t going to work in NYC.

    And who balanced the budget, please? 🙂

  14. SayUncle Says:

    Actually, i’d contend that what’s going on in gun control meccas like NYC (or DC, chicago, etc) isn’t working either.

    And on the budget, i concur. Sure, they balanced it using fedmath but that’s better than not balancing anything.

  15. -keith in mtn. view Says:

    What supposedly “works” in NYC and DC ain’t working much in California either, so they want to do even crazier stuff like having a magic gun that implants serial-number digits on a bullet as it speeds down the barrel. Or requiring a serial-number on all bullets sold in the State.
    Forget balancing the budget, these legislators were schooled under the social-experiment called “New Math” – a well documented failure they acknowledge by funding ever more school-failure programs to the great delight of the Free Money Teachers Union.

  16. Jennifer Says:

    I *heart* this post 🙂 Fun times…

    Ok, MONDAY. Got it…

  17. SayUncle » Blog Archive » RINO Sightings Says:

    […] J.D. has kicked around many logos for the group, following some issues with the first one. I guess no one liked the one I used […]

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