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Gun Bloggers Update

I finally have completed adding everyone who requested to the TTLB Gun Blog Community. Give it a couple of hours and, if you see that you’re not on the list and want to be, let me know. I’d be happy to add you. A note:

This is designed to be for gun bloggers (i.e., people who regularly blog about guns) not a community for people who just also happen to be pro-gun and usually talk about other stuff.

2 Responses to “Gun Bloggers Update”

  1. Gun-Toting Liberal Says:

    Hey man, I think I misunderstood the intent of the community. You may want to remove me because I only blog occasionally on gun issues – just when something really, REALLY crazy is going on and the other libs are crying out for our guns again (like everytime some idiot opens fire at a school and the lefties are pondering handgun ownership again), for example).

    Sorry man; mostly a political blogger. I sure like your blog though. That RINO post cracked me UP. Blog ON, and remember; gun control means both hands on the gun!

  2. Cabinboy Says:

    Hey there — still room in the pool? I’m also hosting the Carnival of Cordite this week…


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