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CCW in Wisconsin

Another push for concealed carry in the state after its rather dramatic first attempt:

In late 2003, a measure allowing concealed weapons passed both houses of the Legislature, but Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed it. In early 2004, the Senate voted to override the governor, but the Assembly fell one vote short of doing so, allowing Doyle’s veto to stand.

On the new bill:

The new bill would give the responsibility of issuing permits to another group, such as the state Department of Justice; the union that represents state troopers; the Fraternal Order of Police; the Law Enforcement Alliance of America; or private security firms, Zien said.

Zien said one of those groups might get those duties explicitly in the legislation, or a process might be set up to select the group through competitive bidding.

Permits under the new bill would cost $75, compared with the $113 in the last bill, said Michael Bruhn, chief of staff to Rep. Scott Gunderson (R-Waterford), a sponsor of the bill.

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