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April 29, 2015

Speaking of astroturf

Is the Brady Campaign maintaining a gun owner database? If so, they may be breaking the law.

In Astroturf news

Chris Cox, on the anti-gun strategy, notes:

The goal when astroturfing is to convince decision-makers that some borderline agenda has a groundswell of support.

There’s more on the astroturf there.

And speaking astroturf, Hillary Clinton hired the director of Moms Demanding Every Town Yada Yada.

And the “campaign” against Limbaugh consists of about 10 people.

And, finally, a social media link between Ferguson and Baltimore.


In St. Louis, carry permits doubled last year. Gee, I wonder why?

April 28, 2015

So, there’s these riots in Baltimore

No doubt a gun control success story. But a discussion of riot control legalities. Also, be brave. Don’t worry. But do.

As an aside, I’m guessing that firing into a crowd is, legally, not good. However, if someone in that crowd is clearly a threat, I’d say that’s justifiable. IANAL*

* Worst apple product ever. (stolen from Xrlqy Wrlqy)

Life in the future

Guided bullets

Six Figures

A comparison. Things aren’t getting more expensive. Your dollar is just worth less.

Don’t need the rule of law or reason

Seventh circuit cites “feelings” in upholding a ban on weapons that look like assault weapons.

Applicable to politics too


“Something must be done. This is something. Therefore, we must do it.” Never mind if the something makes any sense or not.

Knowing how you stack up


The average shooter is never presented with an opportunity to find out how bad they are, because things like scores and timers are foreign to their experience. It is possible to go to the range monthly for years and years and never see any meaningful improvement because it’s hard to improve that which you do not measure.

Gun Porn

Yo dawg, I heard you liked guns . . .

Magpul Sand PMag

April 27, 2015

There is no grassroots

I felt kind of bad for the family saddled with the legal fees from the Brady lawsuit against Lucky Gunner. But, it turns out, the grieving family member is on the payroll of the Brady Bunch.

A civil rights victory


The Second Amendment Foundation has won a preliminary injunction against a North Carolina statute that requires a person to demonstrate American citizenship prior to obtaining a concealed carry permit in a case involving a permanent resident of Granville County.

Religious discrimination

Amish farmers in NY denied a civil right due to the SAFE act.

Appendix carry

Darren on why he’s not a fan. He says that it’s masochistic. Me, I’m more afraid of shooting my dick off.

Todd nails it:

If it doesnít work for you, donít do it. But donít be so silly as to tell many of us that itís not working for us when we seem to go about our days all over the country in every imaginable mode of dress and every imaginable environment carrying every imaginable gun comfortably and discreetly.

Carry what works.

Life in the future

The world’s first head transplant

Church of swing

That swingers club that the party of smaller government was trying to put out of business because it was too close to a school has now decided to be a church:

It will now open as the United Fellowship Center, a house of unorthodox religious worship. The dance floor is now a “sanctuary.” The dungeon is now a choir room. And dozens of small, private spaces have been designated “prayer rooms.” The United Fellowship Center has even gotten a city permit to meet as a church

Wanna work for NRA?

Here’s your shot to work for NRA Family Insights.


That guy who tackled a permit holder in a walmart guilty

Gun Porn

Singapore Police Non-Lethal AR

XD-S gets all explody

April 26, 2015

What due process?

In NJ, a court rules that a man who was accused of domestic violence can be denied a gun permit. He was never convicted. Just accused.

Racists, SWATting, and Terrorist

CSGV is a hysterical joke

Interview with Tom Givens

Summary and link here. I’ve taken a class with the man and, if you can swing it, you should too. He’s got a very down to earth way of dropping knowledge on you. My favorite quote from him is “People ask me why I carry a gun. The answer is ‘too shoot people’. Because some people need to be shot”

Gyrocopter parents

Dad watches daughter walk to school alone with a drone.

You are my number Juan guy

Juan Williams is a loon. And thinks the NRA wants to arm all the white people. No, Juan, they want everyone to be able to have guns for defense or whatever other reason they feel like.

Gun Porn

Late 90s IPSC pistol. Awesome.

22LR ammo accuracy comparison

April 24, 2015

Gear Wear & Tear

No, not wearing out your gear. But your gear wearing out other things. I noticed this today:


So, on the right side there is my holster wearing a hole through a good pair of Carhartt jeans. And on the left is where my Spyderco wave has done a number on the pocket. Checked all my daily wear jeans and most have similar wear and/or holes.

Haslam signs guns in parks


April 23, 2015


And yet those talking heads don’t pay their taxes.

Ted Cruz

He wants concealed carry on military bases

Tune in to hear Oleg Volk

At the Squirrel Report.