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Gear Wear & Tear

No, not wearing out your gear. But your gear wearing out other things. I noticed this today:


So, on the right side there is my holster wearing a hole through a good pair of Carhartt jeans. And on the left is where my Spyderco wave has done a number on the pocket. Checked all my daily wear jeans and most have similar wear and/or holes.

16 Responses to “Gear Wear & Tear”

  1. Stretch Says:

    I’ve place iron on patches inside my pants on wear points.
    Has extended life of jeans considerably.

  2. Robert G. Evans Says:

    I think that is why Spyderco tried switching to pocket clips that were integral to the handle scales (usually the Zytel models), reasoning that the nylon would do less damage to pockets. It worked, but too many clips were broken off of knives, so they switched back to metal.

  3. ShallNOTBeInfringed Says:

    Must be cuz ur using your progressive er left side 😉

  4. SayUncle Says:

    It’s the spyderco wave, not the clip.

    I’m not a lefty. That’s a mirror.

  5. Huck Says:

    I don’t use a clip on my knife.(a Benchmade) After a friend who carried his with the clip lost his Benchmade, I started carrying mine in a 1911 magazine belt case, which the knife fits in perfectly, after removing the knife’s clip.

    It’s more secure, doesn’t cause any wear on clothing, and is still easily accessible that way.

  6. Gladorn Says:

    Oddly enough I’ve never worn out any of my jeans while carrying concealed. (In my defense, I do swap between OWB, IWB, and pocket carry depending upon what I’m expecting throughout the day.) However I go through about one belt a year, even if they are designed for carry use.

  7. Handgun Dad Says:

    I started using a pocket shield for my edc. Made a big difference. Light, knife and extra mag all clip to that and the whole thing goes into my front left pocket. No exterior wear points on clothes. The pocket shield is a little polymer deal with width wise openings to facilitate clips or mag holders. Got it from Raven Concealment.

  8. Old NFO Says:

    Huh, guess I better check my jeans… I know I wore a hole in a pair of dress pants with the EDC knife.

  9. DocMerlin Says:

    Switch to canvas pants?

  10. R Says:

    Carhartt aren’t exactly tough these days. I switched to Blaklader pants but any European made workwear is an improvement if you are ok with the aesthetic.

  11. MAJMike Says:

    I wear a Dragon Leather holster on my belt without any issues. So far my CRKT knives have yet to damage any of my clothing (Wrangler jeans, Land’s End khakis, 5.11 shorts, etc).

  12. Patrick Says:

    Be proud. Wait for some holes on the knees and you got a pair of pants that says “I work for a living.”

    Sometimes I am embarrassed by pants in good shape, when I am in impolite company.

  13. Adam Says:

    Patrick – Every time we bring on a new guy, I tell him to kick his hard hat around the parking lot for a few minutes.

    I get this issue from pocket knives, but have yet to get it from carrying. I carry with a crossbreed mini tuck.

  14. Skip Says:

    Dragon IWB. Kinda hard on skivvies though.

  15. skybill Says:

    Holes are what patches are made for!! Learn how to sew!! I can, I’m a “Parachute Rigger!” From 1/2 oz. canopy fabric to Canvas Tarp material, handle it!! “S” fold a piece of T/VIII webbing and sew up the edges to form a “Jack knife belt holder!!” ‘Holds the knife securely for ready access, won’t wear a hole in your pocket and your knife won’t fall out of your pocket now!! “Have a “Jean jacket” 2002 Vintage, all my “insignia patches” on it. ‘Like to wear it with the cuffs rolled up 2 laps. Wore holes at the “wear points’ and already sporting “Patches!!” After I wash it, cold weather is gone and I don’t want to hang it in the closet dirty, I have to overhaul the collar as it is worn thru at the neck. As for Parachutes, What ever ya’ need!!
    Got Sewing machine??,

  16. Patrick Says:

    Adam – Agreed. I worked construction and trades to get through college and remember the advice I got in High School: never bring new stuff (or stuff that looks new) with you on a job. Not only will you get crap from everyone, but you will get your crap stolen by everyone.

    I’ve seen guys take new leather belts and run them through wash cycles, mud, oil and then run over by a truck. All so it looks done in by work.

    Then sit around waiting to be told what to do by the foreman…but that’s another story.